U.S. Smartphone Industry Statistics 2022

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Modern-day consumers have developed quite an appetite for smartphones, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down in 2022. The introduction of the most diverse subscription options to date, which includes the cheapest sim-only deals, made the use of mobile devices even more accessible and convenient.

It has become a common sight for people to bring their smartphones everywhere they go and spend a considerable amount of their day browsing online, watching videos, and shopping, among other activities, on their portable gadgets.

In this mobile-first society, it's crucial for marketers to understand the manner in which consumers utilize their smartphones and leverage this knowledge to come up with a sound mobile marketing strategy.

With that in mind, we've compiled a list of the must-know U.S smartphone industry statistics in 2022.

These statistics provide an update on the state of the smartphone industry this year and uncover helpful insights regarding smartphone users and the apps and trends that are helping shape the future of mobile technology.

Without further ado:

General U.S. Smartphone Industry Statistics

85% of Americans Own a Smartphone

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 285 million people in the United States are predicted to own a smartphone by 2023.

In the past decade, the number of smartphone users in the United States has increased by more than 200 million.

35% of smartphone users in the U.S. check their phones more than 50 times per day.

12% of Americans Own a Non-Smart Mobile Device

While 85% of Americans have a smartphone, 12% still own a non-smart mobile device.

The number of American smartphone owners has increased by at least 50% since 2011. Then, only 35% of Americans have a smartphone.

Apple is the Leading Smartphone Brand in the United States

According to data from the most recent quarter, Apple has the biggest smartphone market share at 53%, followed by Samsung with 26%. Rounding up the top four leading U.S. smartphone brands are Lenovo with a 12% smartphone market share and LG with a 3% share.

Google is Responsible for 96% of U.S. Mobile Organic Search Visits

As early as the fourth quarter of 2018, 96% of mobile organic search visits in the U.S. is produced by Google.

U.S. Smartphone Industry Statistics by Demographics

85% of men and women in the U.S. own a smartphone, and 98% of women and 97% of men own a cellphone.

An estimated 96% of Americans aged 18 to 29 own a smartphone, compared to 61% of those aged 65 and above.

Approximately 89% of users in urban areas, 84% in suburban areas, and 80% in rural areas have a smartphone.

Individuals with higher annual wages are more likely to purchase a smartphone. According to Pew Research, 76% of those who earn less than $30,000 annually own a smartphone, compared to 96% of individuals earning $75,000 or more per year.

U.S. Smartphone Industry Usage Statistics

The average American checks their phone 262 times per day, or almost once every 5.5 minutes.

Americans spend roughly 2 hours and 25 minutes on their phones every day.

According to a study that analyzed Android smartphone usage, the average smartphone user spends 145 minutes each day on their device, which equates to approximately 76 phone sessions.

In comparison, Apple research discovered that iPhone users unlock their phones six to seven times each hour and engage in approximately 80 phone sessions per day.

According to a USA Today survey, 47% of adults in the United States stated they couldn't go 24 hours without their smartphones. Meanwhile, a Bank of America survey stated that 91% of Americans value their smartphone as much as they do their car or deodorant.

U.S. Smartphone Industry Trends and Predictions

Mobile search accounts for 61% of organic search engine visits in the U.S.

Mobile devices account for more than half of all organic search engine traffic in the United States. In 2020, around 211 million people utilized mobile search across the country, up from just 177.8 million in 2016.

Also, in 2018, around 63% of paid Google search clicks originated from smartphones, and 56% of the total Google search clicks came from mobile phones.

Video Streaming Social Media Platforms Will Dominate the Field

TikTok's user base is predicted to reach 1.5 billion by 2022. Historically, it’s one of the fastest-growing social media apps. A solid proof that end-users now prefer more video-based content.

Instagram is following in TikTok's footsteps with Reels as YouTube introduced Shorts. It's a significant shift in the way people consume social media. Watching a short clip packed with information or comedy takes less time to watch than its lengthier counterpart but can be addictive.

Mobile Entertainment

Entertainment will shift to smaller screens, with an estimated $12 billion investment. Americans are generally willing to pay for services available on their smartphones, such as YouTube Premium, Netflix, and Hulu.

During the pandemic, video streaming applications have been the fastest-growing category in app stores. Since users dislike ads in their content, they're okay to pay subscription fees to get rid of them.

They also want to watch their favorite shows and movies on mobile devices since they can do it from anywhere and at any time. Another indication that we are moving toward a mobile-first landscape.


2022 is shaping up to be a great year, not just for the U.S. smartphone industry but for the global smartphone market as a whole. 5G is already fully-functional, and leading brands such as Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi have launched foldable smartphones. Not only that, Nokia is back in the game, showing excellent returns year on year.

With 294.15 million smartphone users accounting for at least 47% of web traffic in the United States and 47% of American adults saying that they can’t live without their smartphones, it’s safe to say that the general population is becoming increasingly reliant on these devices.

Amidst the numbers, one glaring statistic stands out. The global smartphone industry continues to grow at a compound rate of 16.4% annually, ensuring its profitability for years to come.

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