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For many travel agencies and agents, there is specific software that assists with the organization, trip planning and development, and management of clients' travel itineraries. Within these systems, there are various features designed to expedite sharing trip details with clients and managing travel updates.

While there are many alternatives available for travel agents to use, it is essential to choose a travel management system that offers users the ability to perform different business functions while being mobile compatible for iOS and Android users. To learn more about which travel app to use, or to develop a travel mobile management application best suited for your business needs, agents and companies may reach out to a local mobile app development company such as Sunlight Media LLC in Los Angeles.

Popular Mobile App Features for Travel Agents

While communicating with clients may be fairly straightforward, through email, text, or call, operating the trip details from the backend may require more work, time, and attention. There are many aspects to consider when planning, booking, sharing, and managing a trip, which is why a mobile application suited for travel agents may consist of numerous useful and user-friendly features. Before planning your trip, it is essential to choose an option that is most beneficial to you and your plans. For this reason, travelers may question if it is better to use a travel agent or plan your own vacation.

Ideally, mobile applications may require functionality for the following tasks like booking flights, cruises, transit, guides, tours, and more. Along with booking activities and trips for clients, additional useful features may include seeing real-time feeds of delays for specific airport terminals, weather conditions, refunding client-paid purchases, and sending automatic reminders to clients for upcoming changes and plans.

Best Mobile Applications for Travel Agents


With association to Sabre Inc., a company with widely accepted and used travel agent systems and products, Tripcase makes preparing trips more easy, organized, and quicker. Through timelines, item-adding functions, weather reports, and itinerary sharing, both travel agents and end-users may stay up-to-date on all of their travel plans. Within the program, there are calendar updates, notifications and alerts, and tips and resources available for travelers and agents.

Additionally, Tripcase offers activity history lists, flight, stay, activity and event, dining, transit, and ticket information from one mobile application. Along with these travel management features, users may also store and view past and current travel plans for later use when planning another trip at a later date. Other useful functions within the user-friendly interface include directions to marked destinations on the app, requesting services, such as Uber, and support options for users in need of additional assistance with app functions and information.


With Travefy, travel agents and companies may deliver plan proposals to clients and then convert them into active trip details within the mobile application. Travefy is available on the iOS Apple distribution store and includes many features such as custom itineraries, automatic and real-time updates, details on Flights, transfers, weather activities, and more.

Within the Travefy dashboard, Travel Representatives may manage multiple clients, store and share documents and information regarding clients and trips, track flight statuses, and perform reservations for activities within the client's nearest locations. Other useful tools within the program are chatting and messaging options, which keep clients and agents informed through constant communication.

Travelport Mobile Agent

Within Travelport's interface, there are comprehensive searching technologies that assist travel agents with requesting specific flights within set parameters. This includes details about flight prices, departures and arrival times, airports, and seat options within one streamlined digital location. With filter and sorting functions, users may view and select from different brands and ancillaries, along with different pricing options to accommodate each traveler's budget and travel preferences.

Additionally, there are conversion metrics for easier understanding of trip details and news pages to keep agents up-to-date on trending activities, environmental hazards, unexpected cautions, and promotions. From the user menu, agents may view trip itineraries, view Passenger Name Records (PNR), and double terminal comparisons. This feature also enables travel representatives to send details and information via email or print results for easier reference. Travelport is available on the Apple app store for iOS smartphone and tablet users.


In conclusion, managing a client's trip, modernizing communication, and delivering travel information, details, and documents to clients become more easily accessible with a travel management mobile application. To stay more organized, better informed on trip and client details, and manage travel plans to accommodate specific users in real-time, travel agents rely on the systems for their mobile capabilities and functionalities. Moreover, these technologies assist travel companies with receiving more referrals from clients, increasing customer satisfaction, and generating more business productivity.

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