Starting a Business with Marketing Materials

Deepak Juneja

So, after months of deliberate thought, you’ve finally decided to do it: You’re launching your own business.

First of all, congrats! Second of all, we’d love nothing more than to help you get started with the marketing materials to promote your brand effectively.

Although we may be living in a digital age, print ads continue to play a key role. There are still many situations where tangible marketing materials can help business owners get the word out about their products or services.

Besides spreading awareness, the right marketing tools can connect you with your target audience, boost your credibility, and generate major buzz around your new business.

Ready to find out what they are? Let’s get to it!


Your logo is the first design element your prospective customers will associate with your brand. It’s pretty much the face of your business.

That’s why you should make sure that to create one that’s professional, well-designed, and represents what your brand’s all about. Oh, and it should be unique, too.

While investing in a business logo can cost a fortune, it will be worth every penny. Not only will the right logo make a more memorable business and stronger branding, but it will be an asset you’ll use on all of your marketing materials and merchandise.


Ever since who-knows-when, brochures have been an essential part of promotional marketing. Up to now, they’re still a must-have for marketers and business owners, especially if there’s a lot of information to share.

Whether you plan to narrate the story of your business, promote an upcoming event, pitch to potential investors, or provide in-depth information about a certain product or service, brochures are your perfect option.

Ideally, the front of your brochure should have a captivating headline and visuals. Inside, you can feature your sales pitch, images, and your contact details.

Business Cards

As with brochures, business cards are here to stay. You’ll just need to include your business name, contact info, website, and of course, your logo. You can also add your social media handles if there’s still space left.

Because business cards are small, they come in extremely handy for business owners who are constantly meeting potential clients. You can hand them out at trade shows, conferences, and networking events.

It’s best to keep your cards on hand in case of chance encounters. You’ll never know who you’ll bump into. Perhaps you’ll meet a future customer while you’re buying your groceries or an interested investor as you’re strolling aimlessly at the park.

Posting your business card on bulletin boards in public places is another idea to consider. You might also want to ask your fellow local business owners to leave a stack of your cards behind. Leaving more business cards for the community means more visibility for your brand, and more visibility means higher chances of success.

To impress your prospects with your business cards, let the experts at Print Peppermint customize them for you. They’ll keep your card for sure!


If your business offers several products or services, you’ll definitely want to make use of catalogs.

Generally presented in a booklet that people can flip through, catalogs are basically lists of items for sale. They usually include your contact information, website, and other details that people should know to complete their purchase.

You can distribute them at client meetings, make them available at local businesses around town, or simply mail them to your prospects and customers.


Posters are printed signs displayed on street walls for promotional purposes. They can be as small as an A4 paper or twice the size. And, they can be made with one design or multiple designs to put up together as a set.

Since your goal is to promote your new business, focus on putting the most important details about it, particularly those that you want people to remember.

What’s great about posters is that you can put them up in prominent areas, and you can also pass them out directly. You can even create posters that contain small sections, such as your phone number or a coupon, that allow people to tear off to take with them.

Over to You!

Ready to spread the word about your upcoming business? These marketing materials won’t let you down! Good luck!

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