How White-Glove Delivery Services Will Transform Businesses in the Next Five Years

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While many claim the COVID-19 pandemic to be the harbinger of change in the eCommerce industry, it cannot be denied that delivery-based businesses were already set for a positive growth trajectory in 2020 and beyond.

Yes, the pandemic did expedite things to a great extent and brought eCommerce to the forefront of every business avenue at hyper speed. This paradigm shift has leveled the playing field and allowed smaller businesses to compete with the big boys and, in some instances, become even busier than renowned brands.

Two of the most talked-about examples are the furniture and electronics industries. As mentioned earlier, the manufacturers and retailers in these industries have tapped into new demographics.

While they only operated within an existing traditional business process before the pandemic, they are now venturing into previously untapped areas. Millennial and Generation Z customers are well accustomed to buying products online. When they got more options to choose from on the internet, it was a win-win situation for them and the businesses.

Many customers are willing to pay extra to receive their products in excellent condition, and some intelligent business owners were smart enough to capitalize on this opportunity. This brings us to the elephant in the room - White Glove Delivery services.

Delivering bulky goods like furniture and electronics without causing any damage seemed to be a tall order before logistics partners started offering white-glove delivery services to the end-users. However, you can implement these services in a couple of ways.

First, a brick-and-mortar store can buy their delivery vehicles and deliver the goods to the customers. Alternatively, they can partner with an existing company and use their infrastructure to overcome challenges like limited delivery days, long delivery times, and unsafe transportation.

Moreover, along with faster delivery times, customers expect the companies to deliver the products, unpack and install them safely. So, when it comes to delivering larger and more expensive goods, choosing white-glove delivery services is a go-to move for every business today.

What Exactly is White-Glove Delivery?

It is a method of delivering products with particular attention to packaging, transit, and installation. White-glove delivery includes meticulous care while delivering packages and offering a superior level of service.

White-glove delivery experts also offer assembly and installation services for the packages delivered and are known to perform all the associated duties with an extra level of care.

Some of the most prominent practices in white-glove delivery include:

  • Pre and post-site inspections from where the orders need to be picked up
  • Analyze and determine if the order requires some unique configurations during transit
  • Proper guidelines to handle fragile products
  • Offering premium protective packagings like bubble wrap, styrofoam, wooden crates, and more
  • Handling assembly and dismantling operations for different types of products
  • Disposing of old items as a part of a deal

Which Businesses Can Use White-Glove Delivery Services?

Ideally, any business that deals in shipping high-value or fragile products should be a perfect fit for white-glove delivery services. For example, suppose you are a seller of luxury handbags and sell your products worldwide. In that case, having a delivery service that keeps the goods safe from theft or damage is a must-have to cater to a global audience continually.

Losing or damaged goods in transit is typical for home appliances. Having a white-glove delivery partner ensures that the products will reach the customer safely.

Moreover, B2B companies can use white-glove delivery services for bulk orders or perishable items. For example, a national supplier of bakery products can use white-glove delivery services to ensure that their products are not subjected to unhygienic conditions and have proper refrigeration during transit. Today, many white-glove delivery service providers offer temperature-controlled delivery vehicles and play a significant role in transforming the delivery of perishable food products.

How White-Glove Delivery Will Transform Businesses in the Future

Since white-glove delivery services are becoming more popular and the industry is expected to undergo a transcendent transformation in the next five years, we can easily say that it will transform the way eCommerce businesses operate.

Here are a few ways in which the transformation is likely to happen.

  • Lower to no damage during transit: White-glove delivery partners leverage the best packaging available and mitigate the chances of goods getting damaged or spoiled during transit.
  • Reduced carbon emissions: Contrary to the traditional delivery process, white-glove delivery teams don’t need to expose their packages to multiple distribution centers. In fact, they deliver the goods straight to your home, thus reducing the carbon emissions in the process.
  • An optimized supply chain: White-glove delivery services allow you to manage reverse logistics easily. In addition to that, it also enables your teams to revise their shipping schedules seamlessly and ensure a higher level of quality control and cash-flow optimization.
  • Reliable customer service: The extra level of care during white-glove deliveries helps the customers stay at ease about their shipments. You can keep them updated about the order with real-time tracking information. Convenience and reliability are keys to delivering a better customer experience, and if they are happy with your service, you are on track to receive more orders in the future.

Next Steps?

To successfully implement a white-glove delivery operation, you need to embrace automation and technology into your existing business model. One of the quickest ways to jump on the white-glove delivery bandwagon is to integrate an AI-powered delivery management system that allows you to pair it up with existing CRM, ERP, and supply chain management tools.

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