7 tips to improve communication with your customer

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How do you ensure that your customer is happy with the interaction and communication with your company? Successful communication with the customer starts with the understanding of the customer. If the customer feels heard and understood, the collaboration will run smoothly and customer satisfaction will increase, and who wouldn't want that? What can you as an entrepreneur do to improve communication with your customer? Based on my 7 points, I will help you on your way with successful communication with your customer! Here is the list of CRM software for small Business make your customer happy.

1. Listen to your customer

Listening is more important than talking. An open attitude towards the customer is what matters, be friendly, enthusiastic about his or her ideas, and most importantly, be curious. The trick is to find out what your customer needs. Let the customer talk and then ask any questions you may have. In this way, you can find out exactly what the customer is looking for and you can tailor your offer to that. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the customer, they may not know as much about the field as you do.

2. Creating the gun factor 

The gun factor can be everything. No matter how good your product or service is, if customers don't like you as a person, it becomes almost impossible to sell anything to them. If the customer likes you personally, the gun factor arises. It gives the customer a good and positive feeling. This means that the customer grants you the success and the money that he/she wants to spend on you. Make sure your customers appreciate you and your product or service.

3. Talk in images

A picture is worth a thousand words, we all know the pronunciation. Try to tell your story to the customer in such a way that they can already see it. This can give an extra positive effect. Use photos or some videos if necessary. You can also choose to draw during your conversation, this can enhance your story.

4. Outperform the competition

Surprise your customers with your communication and outperform your competitor! As an entrepreneur, you often have less and less time to get new customers. By outperforming the competition every time, you give the customer more reasons to partner with you. I have listed 3 small tips here that will surprise your customers!

  • To prepare.  Before you start a conversation with a customer, make sure you've researched their organization so you know who they are and what they do. In this way, you indirectly indicate that they are important to you.
  • Response speed.  Answer questions quickly, so that the (potential) customers still have an answer to their question the next day – preferably the same day.
  • Personal advice. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and try to advise what is best for him or her in this case.

5. Unique selling point

Let your Unique Selling Point shine and show! With your Unique Selling Point, you show where you distinguish yourself from the competition. Why should the customer be with you and not with the competitor? What makes your company truly unique? Do you have a better price/quality ratio than the competition? Do you provide good service? Try to bring this to the fore during a conversation with the customer. They will remember this and take it into account in their decision. You are the one who can convince the customer that you are the best choice they can make. So make sure the customer has enough reasons to do business with you!

6. Customer complaints, how do I deal with them?

Although some customers expect it from you, no company is perfect. How can you best deal with this?

  • Take the complaint seriously and try to empathize with the customer. Stay calm, let the customer breathe, and find out exactly what went wrong.
  • Don't think in problems, but in solutions. Explaining why it went wrong won't make the customer happy again. The complaint is also not resolved by a new delivery of your product, because yes: the first delivery was already wrong! So there must be more than just fixing the error. See what the options are to help the customer and how you can take that extra step for him. During this phase, ensure that communication is at its highest. Gather the facts, summarize everything and clearly explain what it is and what the next steps will look like!
  • That extra bit of personal attention can be an important turning point for the customer. Don't give a 'discount' so quickly, but make that extra step for the customer in a different way

7. Mention the terms and conditions online

Sometimes a website or a conversation with a customer cannot display all the information of the entire procedure. With a document with the general terms and conditions, the customer can easily find all information about the contract and the conditions from your company. Put this on your website, so the customer can know where he/she stands before signing the contract and misunderstandings are avoided.

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