Future Of Recruiting: Predictions On Its Upgrade In 2025

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Recruitment is a process of finding out job vacancies, finding and hiring the best candidate from the vast talent pool. It consists of the whole hiring procedure starting from the inception to the onboarding process of the individual in the working premises. Did you remember the older hiring processes? That was a manual method, which was a time and cost-consuming one. That is why the human resource department of an organization is seeking an automated recruitment process that saves both time and money.

Top 7 Prediction On Recruitment Process’s Future

As we know, technological advancement changes everything in an organization, starting from the recruitment process to the exit interview of employees. But in the very near future, we must change the term to E-Recruitment. The below listed are the predictions on the future of the recruitment process.

It Becomes More Essential Than The Current Scenario

Let us see the actual data for a better understanding.


According to the chart, the whole HRD will become crucial for the business organization in the future. Demand for HR professionals also increases in the future. Why will the trend of recruitment increase? Simply because talent matters for the growth of the business. Technology will eliminate repetitive tasks and make the recruitment process more creative and less predictive. Because of this more and more efforts are made on the usage of HR software to make the entire recruitment process more streamlined. To better emphasize on this point, factoHR.com is transferring the entire workflow on the automated platform to better administrate the entire recruitment process to bring more efficiency to it.

Change The Whole Recruitment Plan

When the personnel department finds out the need to fill a vacant place, they first use the most traditional method of hiring, i.e., referral hiring. But they do not know the benefits of posting “We are hiring” flyers on a social media platform. But in the future, they will ultimately depend on social media to recruit talents.


According to the statistics mentioned above, we will say that almost every organization (94%) will plan to use social media as a recruitment platform through which they attract talent. In comparison, more than 70% of the recruiters plan to increase their investment in social recruitment, and 49% of the employers who will use social platforms will find improvement in the whole process.

It Brings The Successful Business Strategies

The recruitment process nowadays just means the primary task of the personnel manager, that is, finding out the need for vacancies, sourcing, interviewing, and closing the vacancy. But nowadays, companies are seeking a specific recruitment campaign through which they can plan the best strategy to check the skills and ability of the candidates. Strategic thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills are the essential skills that will be looked for by the personnel manager. That is why we can say that it brings successful business by hiring highly qualified candidates for the vacant place.

Simplicity In Track The Recruitment Process

By using ATS (Applicant Tracking System), the human resource manager can track the recruitment process effectively. ATS classifies the best applicant, schedules interviews, and also schedules skill and personality analysis tests, and at last, gives a rank to the applicants on the basis of the whole interview procedure.


The personnel manager seeks to track the most valuable metrics like quality of hire, sourcing channel effectiveness, time to hire, etc., which is necessary; after that, they will compare that with the hiring cost and its significance.

Boost Use Of Effective Tools

Social media platforms, i.e., Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are becoming the most demanded recruitment tools currently. But the personnel department is not aware of the effective use of the features of the recruitment tools. After posting an advertisement on these platforms, it automatically classifies the organic traffic and details of the domain so that the personnel manager can use that data to attract interested candidates. The analytics feature will help the manager to analyze the effectiveness of the advertisement also. According to the data mentioned below, we can say that Linkedin has become the most trending tool of recruitment.


Increases Employee Engagement

The HR manager uses recruitment as an effective business strategy that increases workforce engagement. An increase in employee engagement will be ultimately beneficial for the firm. The below-mentioned data shows the same.


Improve Performance Of Recruiting Team

Let us check the realistic data of the performance improvement of the whole recruitment team.


(Image Source)

Very soon, artificial intelligence-based tools change the whole human resource operations. By using such tools, you can eliminate the challenges of recruitment and also analyze what precisely the manpower wants from their jobs.

Today, they use an integrated human resource management platform for recruitment and other tasks related to personnel, but very soon, the whole hiring process will change to e-recruitment.

Why Is E-recruitment Essential For Human Resource Management?

Technological tools change the way of working. The personnel department of the firm now uses advanced technology for each operation, starting from the hiring to the exit interview of the employee. They are slowly moving towards E-recruitment.


Even if you want to post a job advertisement after working hours, you can do it through the internet. In short, you can access various social platforms anytime and anywhere. It also helps you by providing actionable insights into the organic traffic of your post through which you can easily cater to the candidates who are interested. That is why we can consider the automated method as a time-saving one.

Dynamic Content

By posting dynamic content on various promotional platforms, the personnel manager can attract the candidate and also promote the business overseas.

Minimize Hiring Cost

Generally, recruitment cost is higher than other business expenses because it consists of advertisement expenses, travel expenses, third-party commission expenses, technological tools, etc., so it becomes more costly. But the E-recruitment helps the personnel manager from analyzing organic traffic to the new employees effective onboarding process. Moreover, if we can consider the current situation, we can say that the E-recruitment process allows managers to take an interview and effectively run the onboarding process virtually.


Through the different promotional platforms, the personnel manager will inform the interested candidates about the job openings; they can even use a referral strategy to hire a new employee. In short, according to the need for the vacant place and funds, the recruitment manager will effectively plan the campaign.

Short And Accurate Process

The older process consists of too many steps, i.e., advertisement, checking CV manually, schedule interview, skill, and personality analysis test, then rank the candidates according to their performance. But the automated recruitment process simplifies the complexity of the whole process by shorting it in just a few clicks. Additionally, e-recruitment is an accurate process because it automatically classifies the organic traffic and analyzes the rank of candidates after conducting the whole process automatically.


Social media ads are the easily accessible tools to attract the candidate from all over the world. So with the help of different online platforms, companies can hire remote employees who are interested in working from all over the world.

Broader Scope For Applicants

The personnel department, with the help of automated hiring, attracts candidates from the city area and overseas. Additionally, the software automatically rechecks each step of the hiring procedure and provides actionable insights through statistical analysis, which helps the personnel manager to make strategic decisions that directly affect the profitability of the firm.

Personalized Design

As a part of digitized recruitment strategy, the personnel manager can design his own process of selecting the best talent. They can place the ad flyers in their career portal, use chatbots to invite candidates, mail them and inform them about the vacancies, etc.

Filtration Tools

E-recruitment software has a filtration option through which the manager can find the ideal match for the vacant place. It automatically filters the resumes consisting of higher education qualification, experience, competencies, etc., and helps the manager to select the best match for an organization.

Flexible And Easy

The E-recruitment system is easy to understand and hassle-free to use. It provides an effective platform to all HR professionals who could follow the hiring process. Additionally, the cloud-based recruitment system allows managers to keep a separate database for the recruitment campaign, and they can easily store the confidential data and flexibly access it when they find vacancies in the firm.


Very shortly, not only the recruitment process but every organizational operation also will become automatic. With the increase in the use of technological tools and AI-based techniques, the growth of an organization also increases. The sole purpose of e-recruitment is to make the recruitment process faster, effective, and accurate. Very soon, the HR professionals adapt the e-recruitment tools.

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