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Bullets Fly Randomly As Suspects Remain At Large - What To Do In A Dangerous Situation

Debra Blackwell
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On May 8, 2023, bullets negligently flew near the 12000 block of Perris Blvd in Moreno Valley. In addition to a press release regarding the situation, this Community Voice for NewsBreak was on scene as well.

Upon the arrival of the deputies, all parties had fled the scene in the parking lot of Food 4 Less, where O’Reilly’s Auto Parts is also located. The sound of gunshots rang out shortly after 4:30 pm in broad daylight throughout a parking lot full of people and vehicles. Clearly gunshots, the incident was reported through a 911 call, and Moreno Valley Deputies were on the scene within minutes. However, upon their arrival, all suspect parties had fled the scene. Locating evidence and shell casings throughout the parking lot and speaking to witnesses, the deputies immediately jumped into action. And although the press release does not mention the description of the alleged shooters who pulled up close to Perris and Hemlock, exited the vehicle, and began shooting, quickly fleeing as soon as at least four gunshots were fired, the description of the vehicle is known to witnesses. However, that information will not be released within this article with respect to the investigation.

When this type of crime occurs, the first thing a person thinks to do is to take cover. Therefore, it was not fully known at the time of the incident if this was a targeted shooting or extreme negligence using a firearm; thankfully, no one was injured. However, it is incredible that everyone in the area was safe from injury as the bullets could have hit several innocent people.

From Kitching, down Hemlock, towards Lorez, and beyond, the area of this shooting is heavily traveled. Hemlock is a heavily traveled street, both by vehicles and pedestrians. With two large shopping centers on the left and right-hand sides, residents of the area can regularly be seen walking to the several stores. However, with how brazen this act was on behalf of those who pulled the trigger, this densely populated residential area may be re-considering their daily walk, a stroll to the store, as no one has been taken into custody yet.

The suspects remain at large, and it is business as usual within the shopping center. However, fear was instilled in those at the scene at the time, making way for many afterthoughts of what to do if finding yourself in a similar situation.

Although this incident was swift, and most had no time to think, there are some lessons we can learn from this and how to react:

· Remain calm. Panicking is natural as soon as you hear those gunshots, but it causes people to react emotionally, causing an even worse situation. Remaining calm averts chaos, makes way for clearer thinking, and gives you a greater chance of staying safe.

· Alert others nearby. Most people would have noticed the danger, but others may have been frozen with fear. Help those who you can get to safety.

· Mass shootings, random shootings, and active shooters are commonplace today. This is unfortunate. However, training and preparation can help you escape to safety. In these days of disregard for human life in the mind of a shooter, we heighten our awareness, look at our surroundings if a situation occurs, make a plan, and remain calm.

Much appreciation to the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Department for their excellence in response time, and handling of the incident, giving all of us confidence the deputies will be on the lookout for the suspects, apprehending them as soon as possible. If you witnessed or have information regarding this incident, please contact Deputy Florea #6347 at the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station by calling (951) 486-6700.

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