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Promposals Take Thought, Creativity and Nerve - She Said Yes.

Debra Blackwell
Promposal takes creativity and thoughtPhoto byDebra Blackwell

A short history lesson on the word “prom” is that it is short for “Promenade.” Beginning in the late 18’00s, it was a formal dinner held by American colleges and universities to teach the graduating class etiquette before students set off into the world. Promenade’s meaning, according to Merriam Webster is: “a ceremonious opening of a formal ball consisting of a grand march of all guests in attendance.” By 1950 prom had become the norm in American high schools, evolving into a competitive sport with students and even schools competing for the best venue, attire, and in recent years, a special invitation…..


If you are unfamiliar, a promposal is a very special prom invite. These elaborately popped questions range in creativity, thought, nerves, and price. However, no matter how elaborate or simplistic, receiving a promposal proves that chivalry still exists. The person on the inviting end hopes to see excitement, surprise, and “yes” for an answer. The invitation may even be met by a potential date for the prom, asking on one knee and holding something that represents the formal ask.

In Moreno Valley, two students from Valley View High School were more than excited to share their special moment and give our community some news that contains a “warm and fuzzy, adorable, sweet feeling,” a welcome change from the mainstream news that can be disheartening.

Destiny and Ethan, featured here in the photo, had a “Sweet” promposal. First, Ethan printed the words “Don’t be a Dum Dum on the pink poster board. Go to prom with me!” Then, cleverly decorated the board with several Dum Dum suckers, presenting his promposal to Destiny by kneeling and reciting the words on the poster. Followed by a bouquet of beautiful artificial flowers because these flowers are everlasting, the promposal was nothing short of creative, heartwarming, charmingly sweet, and Destiny, of course, accepted. She was full of surprise, and Ethan had pulled off the perfect promposal, given humor is a great part of the two as a couple.
Promposal covered in sweetness and a perfect invitePhoto byDebra Blackwell

Some promposals are pretty elaborate, such as decorating a whole yard full of beautiful décor, lighting, candles, and a microphone asking the hopeful guy or girl to the event. Rose petal paths, a romantic song in front of the whole school, or the cute promposals such as Ethans, to a teddy bear and a simple sign saying “Prom would be Un-Bearable without you! One of my favorites is a sign attached to the bumper of a pickup truck that says: “I don’t know how to dance. Will you teach me?” Hopefully, all said yes to each creative, elaborate, cute, and comical invite.

Of course, a promposal is not necessary for attending prom. However, it certainly has grown more and more popular over the years, adding another special touch to high school memories.

For those attending prom this weekend, we all wish you a beautiful, fun, exciting evening!

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