A Stormy Day For Donald Trump, Brings A Surge Of Trump Supporter Percentages

Debra Blackwell

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As we are all aware, Former President Donald Trump has been indicted, making him the first President ever to be criminally indicted. Mr. Trump also made history by being the first ever President to be impeached "twice." However, the latest news for the history books has undoubtedly not seen Americans turn their backs, in fact, just the opposite.

As expected, nearly every Republican in elected office declares the indictment politically motivated. A Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows Trump's support skyrocketing by a 26-point lead and growing. This indictment unifies the Republican Party, making it more difficult for the opposition to get traction. Given Trump already had a rock-bottom favorability rating among Americans before the indictment, it seems the situation has not hindered the popular opinion. Thus far, it is proving to be a picture that is quickly forcing DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and anyone considering the candidacy into the background as Donald Trump continues to take up every minute of media oxygen, leaving no room for anyone else. In fact, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll: 72% of Republicans said they believe Trump has had a positive impact on the GOP, and 79% said they view themselves as part of Trump's MAGA movement. And that was before the indictment.

A poll conducted by ABC News/Ipsos after the indictment – but before the charges were unsealed, found 47% of Americans view the prosecution as politically motivated. As the supportive percentages grow, this essentially says that Trump has received a primary boost from the Manhattan district attorney's office, just the opposite of what the results were expected to achieve.

According to CNN politics, all the charges have not been made public; however, still unclear are the more than 30 counts related to business fraud Mr. Trump is facing after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg opened an investigation alleging Trump's role in a hush-money scheme involving campaign finances.

As the party and Donald Trump referred to the situation as a "Witch Hunt" that would backfire massively, and references made to "crooked democrats," the statement by former Vice-President Mike Pence was quite clear in his stance.

"I think the unprecedented indictment of a former president of the United States on a campaign finance issue is an outrage." "It appears to millions of Americans to be nothing more than a political prosecution driven by a prosecutor who literally ran for office on a pledge to indict the former president."

And, as we watch the percentages in support of Donald Trump grow, some may be wondering what good it will do if he is behind bars. However, the Constitution won't stop Trump from running, even if he is in prison. It is entirely possible we could watch our President's State of the Union Address dawned in an orange jumpsuit, his message streaming to lawmakers and into our living rooms via Zoom. Although this scenario is far-fetched, it is entirely possible we won't see hundreds of members of Congress traditionally in attendance. Still, a glimpse of a correctional officer could be in our view. Although getting elected and running the country from prison would be highly complicated, it is not at all out of the realm of reality under our Constitution. However, that is simply informational for the readers, and highly doubtful that we will ever see this; if we do, it will be another Donald Trump story for the history books.

However, if this full-on history were to happen, a President has the power to pardon, even himself.

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