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With Home Invasions On The Rise You Can Take Preventative Measures

Debra Blackwell
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Home invasions seem to be rising instead of going down on the crime-tracking charts. These invasions are brazen, with the perpetrators having no regard for whether a resident is home and seeming to have little respect for human life. As you may have heard, another home invasion occurred around 6:30 pm yesterday, March 21, 2023, in Moreno Valley. According to a press release on the Moreno Valley Sheriffs' website, law-enforcement responded to a report of an armed home invasion robbery in the 15100 block of Perris Boulevard near JFK Boulevard, finding the victim suffering from minor injuries. The statement included an unanswered count of assailants, using the word "suspects," implying there is more than one still at large with an ongoing investigation. The sheriff's department has asked if anyone with information about this case contact Deputy Julio Duran at 951-486-6700.

With the time change, this incident occurred in daylight, which is becoming more and more frequent with these types of crimes meaning the perpetrators also have no regard for the time of day or night. With this latest incident, we should all be reminded of the 93-year-old Moreno Valley resident who a group of home invaders confronted after kicking open his door in 2022. At around 12:30 am, in the 24000 block of Eucalyptus Avenue near Heacock Street, the homeowner grabbed his gun, thinking this would leave them to run, and after trying to put them under citizen arrest by gunpoint, the suspects began to throw things at the victim. The homeowner called 911, reporting a burglary in progress; as deputies responded, he told dispatch he was holding several suspects at gunpoint. As deputies arrived at the home, they found one of the suspects suffering from a gunshot wound, shot by the homeowner, as witnesses stated they had seen several people fleeing the home. The wounded suspect was hospitalized in critical condition; however, based on the severity of injuries to the suspect, the homicide division was called to assume the investigation. The homeowner was taken to the Sheriff's Moreno Valley station for questioning but was not arrested.

According to Spotcrime, a site that receives information according to local law enforcement agencies, there have been 464 burglaries in the past six months in Moreno Valley. Unfortunately, their tracking system does not state what portion of this number was residential or business burglaries. However, it does say that crime is down in Moreno Valley overall by 5% compared to previous months. However, this percentage does not ease residents, given the news of yesterday's latest home invasion. Therefore, it is imperative that residents of Moreno Valley and all cities nationwide are educated on how to protect their homes.

Home invasion is a terrifying thought, but a few simple steps can at least deter the prospect of this crime happening. These steps are not a guarantee to prevent a home invasion. However, they can make a perpetrator think twice before breaking into your home.

· Take a walk around your property. Take a good look at the exterior of your home. Look for areas of weakness; think like a burglar looking for easy access points, low windows, unlocked doors, and high shrubs that make for good hiding places.

· Look inside your windows. Ensure your view of expensive items such as televisions and electronics cannot be seen clearly from the outside. Try hanging shades or curtains to conceal the interior of your home from the exterior, as more covered homes make it more difficult for a would-be perpetrator to survey the interior of your home and plan entry.

· Keep shrubbery neatly trimmed. Overgrown shrubs and bushes offer protective cover for suspected intruders. Eliminate those potential hiding spots by keeping shrubs and bushes below the ground. The less opportunity for hiding places, the more likely a suspected intruder will be caught in the act or deterred from trying to break into your home.

· Lights are a good deterrent. Intruders thrive on darkness. If they plan to break in, motion sensors and good lighting are a great way to deter unwanted visitors.

· Security cameras and video equipment are two of the easiest ways to protect your home's exterior. The mere sight of a camera is often enough to deter burglars.

· If a home invasion occurs, video provides evidence, helps prosecute intruders, and keeps an eye on your home even if you are not home.

· Of course, not all intruders wait for the darkness to make their criminal move. As stated in the latest incident in Moreno Valley, it was still daylight. Although the report does not note how intruders accessed the home, people often do not expect a home invasion during daylight hours. Please do not open your doors to anyone unfamiliar as others can be waiting on the sidelines to push their way through once your door is opened. Always check your peek-hole or cameras and ensure you have access to see who is at your door.

This was one critical article for me to write and my goal was to raise awareness. Just last week, a young lady rang my doorbell in the early morning hours, and the deter tone of my camera scared her off of my front porch. As I checked my cameras, she had a young man with her waiting on my property, and there may have been more, but once they realized I had cameras, they left. I cannot claim the two had criminal intent, however I did not know them nor did they have a reason to be on my porch at that time or anytime. This incident was reported to the sheriff's department, and it was not unusual for the deputy to hear—his advice to everyone: "Do not open the door. Call 911 immediately. Inform the neighbors of the occurrence and show them the footage." I did all of the above and given yesterday's incident, hopefully, my experience and this article will help residents of Moreno Valley take a few steps to help deter a home invasion. Keep your eyes open to your surroundings, take preventive action, and keep your families as safe as possible as home invasions continue to become bolder and without shame.

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