How to Discover Your Superhero in a Crisis

Debbie Walker

So you can embrace your superpower!

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Crisis. I heard all my life that you are either walking toward a crisis, in a crisis, or coming out of a crisis.

Wow. That saying is more true today than ever before. Crisis is all around us and many are experiencing a crisis of self.

I know I am!

Mine is a sense of helplessness and an inability to care for loved ones. I’ve been a caregiver since age twelve. I cared for three younger brothers, my child as a single teenage mother, plus four more birthed from two marriages, and now a passel of thirteen grandkids (not all at once, though).

My limitations in caring for others have extended to myself. And I do not like it! I’m mad at my circumstances, so you can see, I am in an internal crisis.

In the middle of all this, I now have to add my financial crisis. For example, I was depending on income from two accepted submissions to a print magazine and were waiting on the payments. In walks COVID-19, to shut down the presses and the time-sensitive articles were timely no longer.

To top things off, we now have a national crisis of inequality and injustice, and a global pandemic to contend with. What is the answer? I sure don’t know.

I can start by changing my life and discovering who my superhero is and embracing my superpower. But how?

1. Recognize Your Crisis

Sometimes, we believe our crisis is one thing when it is another. After meditating about how to distinguish what crisis that I am experiencing, I made a list of crisis-oriented events occurring in my life.

  • Start large. What is happening in the world outside of my control? For example, the Coronavirus is a global pandemic that we have no command over.
  • Financial crisis. What does the future of my finances look like? I do not want to live on a senior’s limited income for the rest of my life.
  • Internal crisis. I am angry, frustrated, and in pain. Isolation and depression are closing in and I feel the weight of it every day. Then put this list to the side.

2. Decide Your Superhero

Ask this question, If I could be any superhero, who would it be? If you don’t know of any, Google it!

  • Write the first answer that pops in your head or heart. That is usually the correct one because your subconscious knows the solution.
  • Close your eyes and put on your superhero uniform. Imagine yourself doing and fulfilling your super-heroic acts. Whatever that may be.
  • Go into detail. My superhero is Flash. She flashes about fixing her own and other people’s crises, then sits down and writes about them in a flash.

3. Determine Your Actions

This is where we work on how and when to apply our superpowers. Go back to list #1. However, this time we will work from the bottom bullet point to the top.

  • What can I do about my personal crisis? Acting without looking within can have disastrous consequences. For example, what can I do about my anger? Do I react to or deny my angry feelings? What or who am I angry at? What can I do differently?
  • How can I apply my superpowers? Like Flash, I want to help others overcome their problems, but I must first overcome my mine. Let me see. When I’m feeling depressed and isolated, I’ll meditate and envision joy in my heart. Following my joy manifestation, I’ll look for opportunities to spread it around. I’ll don my superhero uniform and drop seeds of joy into everyone I meet.
  • Flash will also help me solve my financial woes by building a team of other superheroes. She has flashed a vision before them about a superhero publication. Since Flash moves so fast, she time-traveled and brought the future to the present which will take the form of podcasts, radio, and Facebook groups! Flash will help the superheroes make money and superhero-ing will take over the world!
  • Now I can turn to the larger issues affecting our society today. For example, since I cannot physically march to support BlackLivesMatter in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I can do other things such as donate money or write about the issue. Also, contributions to the COVID-19 war effort may take the form of making homemade masks or texting nursing home residents or donating money.

Crisis is part and parcel of being human. It can take on the form of an ongoing issue of the heart, finances, or involve external forces. Our response to these circumstances determines whether we conquer or fold beneath them.

Discovering our superhero and their powers opens up the possibility that we can subdue the forces of evil that beset us at every turn and we will emerge victorious!

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