How to Propose to a Girl.

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Traditional Ideas That Will Make Her Say Yes in a Heartbeat

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A marriage proposal can be one of the most endearing and romantic moments in a couple’s life. You obsess over the right words to say, anxious about her response, excited or scared you are even considering such an idea.

Overall, your brain is in freeze mode and you don’t know what to do. Let’s think about this for a minute or two. You probably agree that a marriage proposal is a memory that will be stamped on your heart (and hers) forever.

Looking back, you will laugh, cry, or just plain feel good about your approach to a lifelong commitment to the one you love. Let’s face it, a marriage proposal is the door to her heart.

She has dreamed about it since she was a little girl. I know because I did. My girlfriends and I used to talk about boys and marriage during slumber parties.

Teenage girls whisper to each other about their beau, “I hope he proposes over a candlelight dinner,” or “Maybe, he’ll ask me to marry him at sunset on the beach.”

Don’t be like my husband who was nonchalant without any preparations or considerations of how I wanted to be proposed to. Poor guy had no clue!

Be romantic. She’ll love you even more.

Hey, back to the present! Let’s get practical and romantic at the same time. Before popping the question, make her feel special and loved. Then you can consider the different ways to ask your sweetheart to marry you.

How to make her feel special.

Make time for her. Designate a day or time devoted to her alone. However, do not insist, just suggest a time and stick to it. Consistency is an enormous factor in her decision. It shows she can depend on you.

Nurture her. Women are, by nature, nurturers. We love for someone to do the same for us. You may be the only one in her life that does. A kind word or note expressing your appreciation of her can be a first step in capturing a beat of her heart.

Touch her. Now, I know what you are thinking. The touch I’m talking about is a light physical touch. A kiss on the hand or a rub on the shoulder or back shows you care without being perceived as suggestive advances. (side note: we are talking about grown women and consensual touch.) If she backs away, that is okay. Your love may not be used to that kind of physical contact.

Listen to her. Active listening is important in communication. Especially in relationships. Give her your full attention and consideration whether she is talking about her day or venting about work. Ask questions. It exemplifies the fact you are fully engaged in her life. (And heart.)

Make her feel loved.

This goes a step beyond making her feel special. Demonstrate your love for her. For instance, tell your girl you love her and surprise her with a gift. Ask her to close her eyes and drape a necklace or bracelet around her and say, “I love you, support you, and here is a token of that love.” Get creative!

Offer to do chores and work around the house. Maybe you can do the dishes, mow the yard, or fix clogged gutters. Ask her does she need the furniture rearranged. Run errands.

Do not let your eyes roam. Absolutely, not! Do not stare at other girls on the street or in the room. Keep your eyes on her alone. The most disrespectful thing you can do is to look at other women. Make her feel like she is the only woman in the world as you look deep into her heart.

3 ways to propose to your love.

1. Use light. Candlelight, moonlight, or string light. Ooh, let me count the ways to use light.

  • My favorite path to romance is light. For instance, make her a dinner of cheeses, gourmet crackers or bread, specialty sweets, and sparkling champagne. Circle the meal with lit candles or you can use the flameless kind.
  • Another idea is a moonlight picnic using the above menu. Line a path of the candles to a blanket spread underneath a tree. Surround the outside with butterfly lights. Also, hang from the branches LED fairy lights or tube lights. They are battery-operated.

2. Song. Serenade your love with her favorite song. If you are not gifted with the vocals of a bird, play the song and lip-sync. A little antics won’t hurt and you will giggle your way to her heart. If all else fails, play music. Low, smooth, ambient, music. Mrs. Google will direct your path.

3. The knight proposal. Whether or not she wants to admit it, a woman loves a bit of chivalry. When you propose, stand her up and drop to one knee.

The history behind the knee gesture is unknown but several theories abound. The one I like is how the knights bowed to the royal ladies. Carry on the tradition of bowing and committing to serve the Queen of your heart.

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There are many romantic ways to capture the beat of her heart. From making her feel special and loved to popping the question on bended knee. However, the most important way is not how to ask but why. You love her, right. Demonstrate the beating of your heart.

It is an act of commitment she will never forget.

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