How Does Real Life Mysteriously Integrate into Our Sleep and Become Part of Our Dreams?

Debbie Centeno
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Mystery of Dreaming

Have you ever had a dream that is suddenly integrated with your real life? Were you awakened and realized that what you were dreaming was actually happening at that precise moment? This has occurred to me a few times. During the most recent experience, I tried to find a logical explanation for it, but I can’t. Let me give you an example.

It Was All A Dream, Or Was It?

A few nights ago, I dreamt I was on an Alaska cruise with my husband and two other couples. In the dream, my husband and I were walking toward the restaurants to meet up with our friends and eat breakfast. We sat at a table to wait for our friends who had not arrived yet. While looking around our surroundings, I saw snow-capped mountain peaks surrounding us. But when I glanced above us, I saw a huge opening in the shape of an eye in the sky. It was as if we were in a dome, something like Jim Carey’s movie The Truman Show. I thought a little about it when I heard my husband say something about going back to the cabin and leaving the backpack with me. I said it was okay and told him I’d wait for him.

After a while, our friends left. Dreams are weird, so I didn’t notice when they arrived or left. I thought I’d check on my husband, though I did not know how to get back to the cabin (even in dreams, I’m an airhead for directions). I walked up to an elevator and pointing to it asked an attendant at the shop next door if it would lead me to the rooms. He nodded, and I entered the elevator. Only it was not an elevator. The doors opened to a staircase going down. I walked down a few steps and realized it was wrong. Therefore, I opened the elevator doors again and walked to the area where I was sitting before. I figured I’d wait for my husband there. None of what I just wrote applies to what I’m trying to convey, but it is part of my dream.

It’s No Longer a Dream

Suddenly, I heard the buzzing of a vibrating phone. It was coming from my husband’s backpack. I opened it and saw that my husband had left his phone in the backpack and it was vibrating from an incoming call. The buzzing got louder and louder, which woke me up. Then I realized it was coming from my phone on my nightstand. This is where I struggle to understand. If my phone was vibrating in real life on my nightstand, how did it integrate with my dream as my husband’s phone buzzing in his backpack with such perfect timing?

Searching for Answers

As I mentioned before, this is not the first time it has happened, and I doubt it will be the last. I just never thought about it. I am sure this is something that happens to many people. If it has happened to you, what’s your reasoning? Maybe you can help me understand. Hmmm, now I’m wondering who was calling my husband’s phone which I did not get to answer.

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