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Mas Q Arepa - a Small Food Truck with a Big Impact on Your Tummy

Debbie Centeno
Cachapa -image by Wikimedia Commons

Venezuelan Food Truck

Everyone enjoys food. Well, everyone I know enjoys food, including my family. We eat out often and are open to trying different cuisines from other cultures. Recently, a small food truck was parked by the local Chevron gasoline station in the Four Corners Area. It is Venezuelan cuisine and the food truck’s name is Mas Q Arepa.

Mas Q Arepa is a family-owned and operated business. The owner and her daughter cook all the food themselves. It began with the food truck alone. After a few months, they now have two dining areas - one with a pergola, the other without - with tables and chairs set on a lush green synthetic lawn. It’s no wonder why. Their food is amazing.

What is an Arepa?

According to Wikipedia, an arepa is a type of food made of ground maize dough, eaten in the northern region of South America since pre-Columbian times. It is notable primarily in the cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela, but also present in the cuisines of Bolivia and other countries.
Arepas -image by Wikimedia Commons

I have friends from Venezuela and according to them, arepas basically replace bread. Anything you eat with bread you can eat with an arepa.
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What Does their Menu Have?

On Mas Q Arepa’s menu, you will find arepas with a wide variety of fillings, cachapas, empanadas, pasteles (Latin and Oriental), tequeños, pastelillos, sandwiches made with fried green plantain and diverse fillings, natural juices, beverages, and desserts. They make the food on the spot, but the wait is not long - roughly about 10-15 minutes.

Is It Expensive?

For a deliciously overstuffed arepa of your choice, you cannot beat the price. Their highest priced menu item is $12 and everything else is under. Therefore, when compared to fast foods, Mas Q Arepa is fairly priced and way better. You can order it through Door Dash too, but do expect to pay a little more if you choose this option. Though the convenience is well worth it.

My Thoughts on their Arepas

We have tried the arepa Barlovento, arepa Tovareña, and the Arepa Barinas. Arepa Barlovento has shredded beef, cheese, and their house sauce. The beef is savory and not dry. Arepa Tovareña has well-seasoned shredded chicken, cheese, and their house sauce. And the arepa Barinas is cheese and house sauce. All these arepas were delicious. I also love how they split the arepa entirely to make two sandwich-like buns and not only halfway. So far, Mas Q Arepa has the best arepas.

Other Food Items on the Menu

We also enjoyed their empanadas, which are made with corn flour. Its taste is more on the sweet side, but not overpowering. The combination of the cornflour with your desired filling is a perfect match. The filling complements the corn flour very well. As fillings, they have shredded beef, chicken, cheese, “guiso de hallaca”, fish, and “pabellon”. We’ve tried the beef, chicken, fish, “guiso de hallaca”, and “pabellon,” with the last two as my favorite. The fish empanada was good but did not impress me.
Tequeños -Benoît Prieur, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

They also have marachucos and Puerto Rican pastelitos. Frankly, I don’t know what the marachucos are, but I can tell you about the Puerto Rican pastelitos. The Puerto Rican pastelitos, which are made of flour and filled with ground beef, are delicious. And the regular tequeños are great. I have not tried the corn tequeños yet.

I Recommend their Food Because it's that Good!

Though I love the fact we can go place our order and not have a long wait because it’s still new and not busy, I also want them to thrive as a small business. Since the food is delicious, I want to share it with other foodies because this is something you cannot miss. Mas Q Arepa has left their stamp in the Four Corners area. I recommend you try them. However, I cannot recommend what you should get because everything I have tried is delicious. It is a hard choice and one you should make yourself.

Location, Hours, and Contact Information

Mas Q Arepa is at 940 US-27, Clermont, FL 34714, by the Chevron Gas Station (former Sunoco) and by the Pinecrest Academy plaza in the Four Corners area. Or you can place your order through Doordash too.

Business Hours:

Every day from 8:00 a.m. - 6:40 p.m. (according to Doordash - I suggest you call)
Phone: 407-613-1176

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