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Debbie Centeno
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I had not realized that what I thought was a calm and relaxed life was merely the tip of what the true meaning is. After raising my children and trying to maintain sanity within our family household, I finally learned what living a relaxed life is. I enjoyed being a wife and raising my children. It’s just that when you are in that role there barely is any “me” time to think about relaxing.

I no longer stress about work, finances, or the chores I need to do. "Just live life one day at a time," is my motto. Learning to live without worries was not an easy task, but it wasn’t impossible either. Many times, we hold within ourselves the daily struggles we go through depriving us of joy, sleep, and health. What for? It’s not like we will solve anything worrying.

I learned to let go of worry by answering one question — “Can I solve the problem?” If the answer is yes, then I solve it. After it is solved, I no longer worry. If the answer is no, then I just let it go since worrying will not solve it.

It is difficult so, how did I do it? I began practicing meditation. I started meditating five minutes daily. Eventually, I learned how to maintain the focus on my breathing and can now meditate for an hour or more. For me, it’s relaxing. The way I see meditation is as if I’m praying. The only difference is when I pray I speak to Infinite Spirit (God). When I meditate I listen to Infinite Spirit (God). I cannot stress enough how meditation has changed my life for the better.

In meditation, we are training our minds to focus and redirect our thoughts while raising our vibration. It is a spiritual practice that has been used for centuries. Many do not believe they can sustain long periods of time in meditation. I suggest you focus on your breathing and take it little by little — 1 to 2 minutes and eventually you will get to the time frame where you feel most comfortable.

There are different ways you can meditate — be it laying down on your bed or floor. Or sitting with your feet flat on the floor or lotus position — whatever is most comfortable to you. I prefer sitting with my feet flat on the floor or in the lotus position. I also prefer setting the mood with sage and soft music if inside. When outdoors, I meditate listening to the wind chimes and the trickling sound of the outdoor water fountain. Most of the time I dab a bit of Atlas Cedarwood oil on my wrists and/or diffuser. Every now and then I switch to another essential oil aroma. It all depends on the mood I want to set since the oils activate different senses. But they all help me relax.

I suppose my change is noticeable since many friends and family have requested my expertise on stones, crystals, oils, and so forth. In reality, I am no expert. I believe each one should do or choose what they feel most comfortable with. The important thing is that you can reach that calm and relaxing feeling we all need. So, go ahead and try meditating. You lose nothing but can gain a lot.

Love and light to all,

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