The Old Unused Relic In my Dad’s Back Yard

Debbie Centeno
Stationary bicycle- photo by the author

What a Discovery!

During one of our visits to Puerto Rico, we spent time with my father and his wife. While at their home, I came across a stationary bike on the backyard terrace. It is green, old, rusty, and ugly. A metal mesh resembling a fan covered the front spinning wheel. I had never seen one like it before.

I am not sure if anyone previously painted it or if that green is the bike’s original color. The bike has no brand or calorie counter and it is missing some parts. I’m not even sure if the pedals are original or are missing pedal pads. It’s just a plain, old stationary bike facing the planter wall in my father’s backyard. It was left to the increments of the weather — rain, and sunshine all day and all night with no cover or care for who knows how long.

Even though it is old, rusted, ugly, and looks useless, it works fine putting no effort into it. My daughter sat on it and cycled for a while. My father and his wife do not use it. They don’t remember how old it is or how it got there and don’t want to get rid of it either. According to my dad, there is no reason for keeping it. But they don't want to part with it even though it's a nuisance in their backyard. I don’t think it is worth anything. Maybe they have an emotional attachment to it. I did not ask if they did but it could be. Though they could not even remember when was the last time they used the darn thing!
Stationary bicycle- photo by the author

I just found it fascinating to see such an old relic still alive. I wish I knew what brand and year it was. Other than a couple of old photos, I had nothing else to research online.

Old folks have so much history in their homes. It’s interesting to see what we will see in our folks’ homes. Can you share any old relics with me?

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