The Unsettling Feeling and How it Ended - Fiction Story

Debbie Centeno
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Was it an omen or the angels communicating?

It was a Sunday evening in February. The sky was clear, with a full moon and twinkling stars. The weather was chilly but not too cold to require a jacket. I sat with my husband, Joe, in the sunroom enjoying the clear skies, a glass of wine, and some quiet time. I had just returned to the room from my earlier meditation. But something was wrong. Something did not feel right. I had an eerie feeling. The feeling that something was about to happen and it was not good. I closed my eyes and set my intention for positive energy and protection, and slowly opened my eyes to stare into the beautiful clear sky. However, I could not shake the feeling off.

I looked at Joe sitting two feet from me. He was deep into a story on his iPad. I did not want to interrupt his reading. Then suddenly I heard a screech-like sound, “aaargh, aaargh, aaargh.” What is that screech? Is it an owl? “aaargh, aaargh, aaargh,” there it was again. I stood up quietly and stepped outside. I related the screech to the unsettling feeling I had. “Aaargh, aaargh, aaargh,” it continued as I stood outside following the screech. “Aaargh, aaargh, aaargh,” I turned to my right and stayed there for a second or two. Then I heard it again as I turned left facing my neighbor’s house and inching my way towards the gigantic oak tree sitting in the neighbor’s yard.

The closer I got to the tree, the eerier the feeling was. Why was I so adamant about finding the animal screeching? Something was pulling me towards it. This force, a sort of calling to find it. Every step I took sent a shiver up my spine. The chilly breeze caressed the back of my neck. The closer I got, the stronger the feeling and the louder the screeching. While searching through the dense foliage of the old oak tree, then again, “aaargh, aaargh, aaargh.” The screech was closer. I looked up towards the very top of the tree and, in a clockwise motion, searched. The breeze shook the leaves, and a pile came down on the ground. I continued to investigate when something caught my eye at the far top left corner of the tree. There were two bright yellow eyes glaring at me. As I inched my way closer to the eyes, I felt the flapping of wings of an enormous barn owl barely missing my face. His flapping was strong enough to smack my hair in the air.

At that moment, a bizarre vision played right in front of me. So vivid and fast that it startled me. I gasped in desperation and screamed in horror. My husband stood up and looked at me while asking, “Honey, are you alright?”

But I wasn’t. I was trembling with fear.

“Honey?” he spoke again while walking towards me. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“The truck,” I blurted out. “The truck crashed into the house and killed us!”

“Oh, honey, that’s just your imagination. Let’s go inside,” he said.

“No, it was so real that I even felt the ground shake and the excruciating pain!” I cried.

When out of nowhere we heard the screeching sound of a truck's brakes and a loud crash. BOOM!

“What was that?” Joe asked as we turned towards our house. We were in shock at what we saw. This cannot be. Inside our sunroom and right where we sat earlier was a large truck cabin, smoking. Its headlights pointed straight at us. My husband was speechless. He looked at me and asked, “is this the…?”

“Yes, it is!” I interrupted while my whole body shivered.

We could not go inside because the house’s foundation was weak. When from the debris appeared an image of a man. It was the truck driver. Thankfully, he was safe.

“Are you guys okay? Is there anyone else inside the house?” he shouted to us.

“We are fine. There’s no one else inside,” Joe replied.

“Honey, you saved our lives,” Joe said.

“No Joe, I didn’t. I had a premonition.” I looked at him as I told him about the eerie feeling, the screeching sound, and the sense of urgency to find the owl.

Had I not ventured out in search of the owl, we would have perished in the accident. It was the barn owl who saved our lives.

I once read there is a belief that hearing the screeching of an owl is a sign of bad luck, bad omen, or even death. It also meant that our angels were trying to communicate with us. I never gave it a second thought. But tonight was real and reaffirmed that belief. In my case, it was both. The owl represented a sign of bad luck, but at the same time saved our lives.

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