The Greatest Gift is Life so Learn to Live It without Anger

Debbie Centeno
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Anger Is Everywhere

Why is there so much anger in this world? It is as if people were angry at being given another day of life! Whatever happened to waking up and being thankful for another day of life? I see it every day on the road, on social media, while shopping, and I wonder what has happened to humanity?

Hostile Commuters

While commuting to work early in the morning, I can see the anger of other commuters. Hostile drivers are erratically driving and have no regard for their fellow drivers. People honk their horns on the milli-second of the traffic light change. They tail-gate the slower drivers even if these are doing the speed limit. Could it be they didn’t get a good night’s sleep?

No Good News

I do not watch TV or listen to the news often, but when I do, there’s the anger splattered all over the media. Politics, homicides, missing people, accidents, etc. Why can’t the news talk about something nice for a change?

Following Social Media

Then when I log onto any of the social media platforms, there it is again. The ones who berate others with their negative comments. Those who are jealous of photos of happy couples, selfies, and family vacations. Others judge the bereaved or ill. Even on this writing platform, I see people always searching for the one negative thing to comment about in my articles. I once logged onto Facebook and the first post I saw was about allowing others to express themselves. I enjoyed reading it. It has become my favorite Facebook post. Therefore, I’m sharing it at the end of this article.

Life Is Short

So, why not let people be? Stop with the hatred and negativity. Let’s spread love and positive energy. Maybe we should look at those who are thankful for their lives and learn from them. Life is short. We do not know about tomorrow. So let us be grateful for today. Appreciate what we have and live like if it were the last day of our lives because, in reality, we never know when we will be called home. No one is getting out of this Earth alive. Death is the only true promise for all of us. So just to cheer you up a little, here is the post I copied that has gone around Facebook for some time. I could not locate the original writer. Enjoy!

My Favorite Facebook Post

To the pregnant women on social media posting constant updates and belly pictures — I love seeing how excited you are to become a Mom.

To the stay-at-home parents posting about cooking, baking, and homemaking — I love seeing how you manage the hard work of being a provider for your family.

To the person posting their whereabouts or new gadgets — thanks for showing how blessed you are. This will serve as a reminder for us to work hard and strive to achieve our goals.

To the people posting about your fitness and health — I love seeing your progress pictures, your healthy meals, your gym check-ins; I especially love seeing your before and after pictures! You inspire me with your strength.

To the women posting selfies — thanks for letting young girls know that it’s okay to love themselves and to feel beautiful!

To the Mom posting a million pictures of your kids — it makes my heart so happy to see parents so proud of their babies!

To the happy couple, constantly posting love posts — thank you for being a reminder to the next generation that all hope is not lost and happy marriages/steady relationships most definitely DO exist.

To the business owners who constantly post about your work — keep going! Your will and passion for what you do are outstanding!

Let’s stop being annoyed by everything and start lifting each other up!

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