Soul-Searching For The Meaning of Life

Debbie Centeno
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“The wise use of intelligence requires more than academic intelligence; we need soul-searching and deep reflection to live a more balanced and meaningful life.” ~ Dr. Paul TP Wong

Life, what is it? Besides breathing and living, what is it? Why are we here? What are we here to do? All these questions popped into my mind just a few years ago when life began to change for us.

As a child, it never occurred to me to think about life. I’m sure, like many other children, I was anxious to grow up and be an adult, never thinking about the responsibilities that come with it. Then, it happened. I became an adult with everything else that follows — love, children, college, work, is that it? Is that all life is?

When I reached the adult age, I did not have any of the above questions. I guess I was too busy being a wife, mother, and employee, which left me drained enough to keep me from wondering what life is. Then everything changed. From running around every day, dropping off children at school, working, picking up my children, doctor’s appointments, children’s extra-curricular activities, church, homework, etc., to only go to work. Well, there are still doctor’s appointments, church, and work, but it is not that running around as before like a headless chicken.

So now what? Now that I have the time to sit and think about my life I began to question it. With the questions arose curiosity. What is there beyond these oceans? What kind of life do other people around the world live? I only knew what I had seen on TV, read in a book, or learned in school. All of a sudden, I felt as if I were in the Jim Carey movie called The Truman Show. I always thought that I lived in the best place in the world and never doubted it. But what makes us believe such a thing? It was time for me to explore what life is all about, so I began soul-searching.

Prayer and meditation were the basis for my soul-searching. I have always believed in Infinite Spirit (God) and prayer and still do. But, after I began meditating, I realized that, while I prayed every day, I never really listened to Infinite Spirit. So when I meditated, I began to silence my thoughts and only listen. That is when I finally awakened. I loved the comforting, peaceful silence that goes along with the meditation, which has opened up a whole new outlook on life and answered some of my questions.

I began by doing things I had not done before — nothing illegal or wrong. I wanted to explore the world, go beyond the ocean walls. I wanted to learn about other countries, their people, culture, and traditions. I wanted to meet new people and connect with the like-minded. I realized that life is not only about living to work. If we stop overworking ourselves, complaining, fighting, or worrying and think about life will we awaken enough to see all the beauty this world has to offer and we are missing out on. There is so much to do in life, so much to see and discover and so little time.

So, if you have reached the stage in life where you’ve slowed down, take some time, not only to pray but to meditate and listen to Infinite Spirit speak. You will realize that you were not put on this earth only to work, but to discover the beauty of life.

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