A Grieving Mother Receives Comfort from Her Child through a Perfect Stranger's Song

Debbie Centeno

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"There is no death. Only a change of worlds." ~ Chief Seattle

A Heart-Warming Story

I recently read the most heart-warming story ever. It teared me up. I use the Nextdoor app within my neighborhood. A woman, which I'll call Ann, who lives in a surrounding neighborhood, was writing to express her thanks to a stranger. She did not know him, but his interaction with her caused a great impact.

A Mother's Nightmare

Ann experienced the worst nightmare a mother can go through. Her 19-year-old son died on February 3, 2021. I don't know the details of his death, but it is not relevant in this story. Ann was driving back from picking up her son's urn and ashes and stopped at the neighborhood supermarket for some groceries.

An Angel Among the Strangers

As she waited her turn at the deli counter, a kind gentleman who I will call Elvis and was also waiting his turn complimented her tattoo. He had a tattoo as well, an Elvis tattoo. They began conversing while waiting, even though her mind was elsewhere. She could not fully describe him because of his face mask. From what they spoke, she found out he once was an Elvis impersonator when he was younger.

She recalls him saying, "I impersonated Elvis when I had hair." Then he sang a part of the Elvis song "Love Me Tender" to her.

Love me tender, love me sweet.

Never let me go.

You have made my life complete

and I love you so.

A Message from Heaven

The lyrics Elvis sang tucked at her heart and emotions. She felt as if her son was singing the song to her because when he was alive and they embraced in a hug, he would tell her, "Don't let go yet." Ann knew he was telling her to always hold him close. Even though it made Ann emotional, it gave her a sense of peace and comfort on that day and for the days to follow. Little did the stranger, Elvis, know what he did for Ann. Elvis did not know how she was feeling, or that she was grieving the loss of her son, and how much comfort he brought to her. Therefore, Ann took her story to Nextdoor to try to find him and thank him.

I Can Relate

I do not know Ann or Elvis, but this story touched me because, I too, am a grieving mother. My son was 20 years old when he died. I know the feeling of receiving a message from a stranger or someone known to me and sensing it came from my son. For me, it is a sign that Infinite Spirit (God) is always there for us and will always provide us comfort because the spirit never dies. Infinite Spirit sends his angels to comfort us either through someone we know, a sign, song, or a stranger.

To the Stranger

I pray for God's blessing upon this stranger so he can continue to spread his love and healing through his music. Sending healing love and light to Ann and Elvis.


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