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Opinion: Birthday Cards for the Nashville Guitar Guru... It's in his cards...

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The Nashville Guitar Guru is sought after Internationally by performers and songwriters who want to raise their game. Dave Isaacs also specializes in working with bands and groups of people. The joy of making music with even one more person is an experience that Isaacs encourages. Overcoming the fear of leaving their homes and playing their instruments with others becomes first a goal, then an extraordinary experience for many. Living in Nashville Tennessee, his local teachings have spread around the globe.

Isaacs is a teacher, player, and considers himself a perpetual beginner. He shares personal experiences that has formed both his playing style and his teaching philosophy. The ABCs... because we are always practicing to improve.

So does Dave Isaacs’s Birthday Cards reflect who he is? His cards are 4♣️ 6♦️4♣️.

The 4♣️ is the card of Mental Happiness and Achievement. They have the ability to be very successful, with a fine reputation in their work. They love to talk about what they love which makes them excellent teachers. Their focus on what they are passionate about enables them to achieve excellence. 4♣️ are progressive thinkers, creating new ways of doing things. Isaacs has double 4♣️, making this a very strong influence.

Isaacs is also influenced by his 6♦️, the card of Financial Responsibility. Six is the number of Balance and Karma and 6♦️people are very aware of their debts…often paying their bills ahead of time. The Laws of Karma are never far from their thoughts and we find most 6♦️who are successful are hard workers in their chosen profession…they know they reap what they sow. Isaacs is always hard at work at his profession of choice…Music!!!

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