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Super Bowl The Chiefs, DearWiseWomen share their opinion, who is going on to the Super Bowl


Joe Burrows Patrick MahomesPhoto byArnold D'souza
Cincinnati BENGALS against the Kansas City CHIEFS

Joe Burrows vs Patrick Mahomes

We believe the day we are born sets our Personality Traits. We take a look at each person's Birthday Cards, then take a second step analyzing the Relationship Dynamics between people. On occasion we look deeper at the day each person is having, to pick the winner. Last Year we were on the MONEY! This year we continue our winning streak...

This year looks like injuries are clouding our thoughts. Mahomes hurt his ankle in the game against the Jaguars ….however he went to this week’s practices and he looked like he was recovered from the injury. And then Travis Kelce was added to the injury list after Fridays practice and his status isn’t known yet. If Mahomes and Kelce play unhampered by injury…they are strong, and the win goes to the CHIEFS.

According to the cards, the Chiefs should be on their way to the Super Bowl. Injuries could change the outcome but we will go with our cards and the Kansas City Chiefs.

We were excited to delve into the NFC playoff game and were hoping to pick which team was going to the Super Bowl!!! With our unique opinion and analysis of the teams, we chose the CHIEFS!!!

YouTube... on the Record... Cincinnati BENGALS against the Kansas City CHIEFS

What we do see clearly are lots of Hearts for the day. We attribute this to Damar Hamlin.

Watching Damar Hamlin. collapse on the field in real time, felt as if time stood still. Collectively the entire football community and fanbase were concerned for only for Damar Hamlin.. Damar Hamlin update

It's Always fun, never disappoints..... Stay tuned as we start to look at the Super Bowl, Chiefs challenge the Eagles.

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We take an in depth look at the Birthday Cards of Celebrities, Politicians, Athletes... in order to explain the traits associated with different cards. The Day We are born sets Our personality traits. Relationship Dynamics, It's Always in the Cards!

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