You Can Experiment with 3-D Design and Printing at West Cobb Library -- Without Buying an Expensive Device


For those interested in 3-D design and printing but who don't want to invest in printing equipment, the West Cobb Library on Dennis Kemp Lane near Brookstone may offer a perfect solution.
3-D printing is available at the West Cobb Library with a library card -- so you can learn without an expensive investment.Photo byDeanLand /

Unbeknownst to many, this branch of the Cobb County Library system offers a 3-D printing service that allows novice designers to explore and experiment with this growing technology while avoiding the heavy price tag of buying even a low-end 3-D printer.

Printers are available to library card users to make 3-D objects in plastic using a design uploaded from a digital file. So novices and experts alike can use their own design software and apps at home, or even experiment with new software before making any investment. The library's printer is compatible with most popular design platforms, including sites like thingiverse, cubehero and others, or modeling software such as SketchUp, Blender, and Mineways.
Using web or app based design platforms, users can create an item, then upload it to a library printer for output.Photo byDeanLand /

Once a design is completed, it can be exported to a .makerbot format file, loaded on a flash drive and brought to the library for printing. At the library, you'll fill out a print request form, and confirm that the design can be completed on the printer within a two-hour limit. Then, depending on print schedules and your own time, you can stay and watch or wait to receive a notification when your project is finished. When completed, projects and flash drives can be held for up to 10 days for retrieval -- or both become property of the library.

There's a minimum charge of $2.50 for 3-D printing materials, or 15 cents per gram of filament used in larger projects.
Toys, tools, household and office items, replacement parts and more can be 3-D printed. There's a charge for materials used at the library.Photo byDeanLand /

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