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Our Top Chattanooga Stop for Delectable Korean BiBimBap


Before learning about this Korean bowl-styled dish on Food Network's "Chopped," I had no idea what deliciousness was contained in this nursery rhyme sounding meal. Now, on cold days, when I'm craving a hearty meal or whenever I see a Korean restaurant, it's the first image that pops into my mind.
After a cold morning hike along the river in Chattanooga, a hot bowl of bibimbap was the perfect choice, and Chopstix the right stop for it.Photo byDeanLand /

So when we travelled north along I-75 for my wife to visit with an old friend, my thoughts wandered away from my planned hiking adventures and straight to Chopstix on Lee Highway in Northeast Chattanooga.

For the unfamiliar, bibimbap is comprised of assorted vegetables topped over steamed rice. Gochujang sauce, a Korean spicy bean paste sauce, is served on the side. While it can be vegetarian, most choose a favorite protein to include, such as chicken, pork, beef or tofu. The components are usually placed carefully on a plate in their own defined space. Then the dish is covered with a fried egg to add extra flavor and what in-the-know chefs describe as unctuousness.
The family-operated restaurant is located off exit 5 on I-75, along Lee Highway.Photo byDeanLand /

While the initial serving looks like a compartmentalized, it's meant to be stirred together and eaten in mixed bites to capture all the different textures and flavors together. In fact, the loose translation of the Korean name means mixing cooked rice.

On this visit after some hiking, I chose the bibimbap with chicken. I also selected a side order of spring rolls, a small reward for all that effort expended on my morning hike.
As a reward for my morning hiking activities, I added a spring roll starter.Photo byDeanLand /

As on all my visits, the service was quick and efficient, and my food delivered promptly. The steaming aroma from the huge bowl of veggies, chicken and rice caused me to over over the dish for a moment, simply enjoying the sensory experience.

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