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Spice Up Your Lunch With a Stop At Bangkok Cabin -- And Beware of the Heat Advisory Even on Cold Days


After writing a review of another nearby Thai restaurant, a neighbor suggested I visit Bangkok Cabin in Kennesaw for a comparison. That was an excellent reminder to return to this family owned authentic restaurant that I had visited more frequently during my full-time employment days.
Everything is fresh and prepared to order at Bangkok Cabin, but heed the warning: hot and Thai Hot REALLY are!Photo byDeanLand /

So after shopping on a cold, blustery day, we stopped in for a late lunch and warmed up twice. Entering the dining room, we enjoyed the warmth from the furnace. And later, when our lunches arrived, we were heated up again from the delicious combination of Thai spices and peppers in our lunch dishes.

Growing up in South Louisiana, I am accustomed to Cajun hot spices. When we walked in, I chuckled at the warning sign on the entrance: We will not re-cook if you order hot or Thai hot. Still, I'm at an age and experience level that I don't accept such warnings as a personal challenge -- and that turned out to be a good thing.
This friendly customer advisory is affixed to the main entrance. Ignore it at your own risk.Photo byDeanLand /

The lunch crowds that I was accustomed to here had thinned by our 1:30 pm arrival, and we were seated immediately. And if I had considered trying the hot or Thai hot spice level, observing one of the guests at the neighboring table continuously wiping his brow from spice sweat would have sent another caution warning to my erratic brain.

We settled on the lunch offerings of Panang Curry and the Thai Fried Rice with chicken. Both came with a choice of Tomyum chicken soup or a salad, and we chose salad.
Both the curry and our chicken fried rice dishes were brimming with an assortment of fresh vegetables.Photo byDeanLand /

When our entrees arrived, both plates were brimming with eye and mouth-pleasing dishes filled with vegetables and chicken. Broccoli, bell peppers, zucchini, carrots and other vegetables swam in the rich, spicy Panang curry sauce, sending a culinary invitation to dive in right away. I went headfirst without hesitation, ladling luscious spoonsful of rice and curry eagerly until the warming heat of the medium spice level told me to slow down.

Our Thai fried rice with chicken was equally appealing, though at a mild spice level, it didn't deliver the extra heated kick. I finished the Panang curry through sheer determination, while we boxed up about half of the fried rice to enjoy at home. Then, with face and mouth aglow, a fully belly and a takeout box, we departed -- already planning more frequent return visits to the Kennesaw treasure.
Accustomed to encountering lunch time crowds here, the dining room had emptied by the time we arrived at 1:30 pm for a late lunch.Photo byDeanLand /

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