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The Rich and Brothy Vietnamese Soups at Kennesaw's 575 Bistro Are Simply Pho-Tastic


When the weather turns cooler, soup figuratively bubbles up to the top of our lunch considerations. In fact, if you saw a cartoon drawing, we'd likely have those little thought bubbles all around us, with the word SOUP! emblazoned in various typefaces to indicate emphasis.
Pho-tastic rich and brothy Vietnamese soup keeps us coming back to 575 Bistro in Kennesaw.Photo: DeanLand

Often when we think soup, we head to one of our favorite local Vietnamese restaurants for a bowl of rich, tasty and filling Pho. And we found Pho-tastic soups at 575 Bistro, tucked away off Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw.

Before we get too far into the bean sprout weeds with details about the Pho, we'll note that 575 Bistro has a wide variety of Vietnamese, Thai and other Asian dishes. Those include a usual assortment of noodle dishes featuring sauce, curry and protein choices, plus great appetizers.

But what keeps us coming back here is the Pho. (And that's pronounced Fuh, not Foe, according to my Vietnamese friends.) That rich and flavorful beef broth noodle soup always warms and fills us (without lots of extra calories!) on a cool or cold day.
Our Tom and Ga -- shrimp and chicken -- Pho came with a huge side dish of bean sprouts, basil and jalapenos to add even more flavor.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

The fine folks at 575 flavor their Pho by slow-cooking beef bones for 24 hours, extracting the maximum beefy goodness and nutrients in a savory soup base. The base dish includes rice noodles, red onions and scallions. You can choose a variety of protein options to finish the dish. It's all brought to the table with a heaping side dish of bean sprouts, jalapeno peppers and basil, which you can add for more flavors. Plus, there's hot sauce, siracha and garlic pepper sauces available on the table if you need more heat.

Depending on your hunger level, you can choose between a 20 ounce serving -- plenty filling for a normal lunch -- or jump up to the 32 ounce selection for the super-sized appetite.

For protein options, any of the choices work well in the beef broth. For the beef-obsessed, brisket, meatball and filet options, or combinations of those, bolster the beefy flavor even more. We like to mix it up, so we ordered up one Ga' and one Tom and Ga (chicken and shrimp and chicken) bowl each on our most recent visit.

You'll find 575 Bistro in a large strip mall at 840 Ernest W. Barrett Pwky NW in Kennesaw. It's not easy to spot from the main road, so set your GPS if you're not familiar with the weird layout among the multiple shopping malls crammed into that area.
It has nothing to do with the food, but this interesting light fixture is a great conversation piece.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

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