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3 Must-Try Ice Cream Stops at Myrtle Beach


When it comes to ice cream shops, there is no shortage of options along the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach. But when you visit, these are three "must-try" stops that are sure to satisfy all your cravings in this dessert-rich environment.
We were over-the-moon with "The Cow Jumped Over the Moon," our over-indulgent choice from The Crazy Mason.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, we didn't try ALL the ice cream stops (or shoppes, if you're more traditional) in this resort community. It wasn't a lack of trying, but rather a shortage of days that kept us from completing that noble quest. Along the way, we found three different and what we believe are "must-try" experiences that stand out from among the rest.

The Crazy Mason

I'll admit that we originally chose this destination because it shared a name with our grandson, and we wanted an Instagram post. Then we arrived to find the plethora of outrageous options overstuffed into mason jars. We counted 42 "standard" milkshakes with names like "S'mores the Merrier," "I Like Big Buns" and "Build Me Up Buttercup."

We ordered the "Cow Jumped Over the Moon," a kooky combination of Blue Bell coffee ice cream blended with brownie pieces, all in a caramel and chocolate-swirled mason jar with a chocolate fudge rim rolled in Oreos. Oh, did we mention it was all topped with a triple-decker Moon Pie and a Cow Tail, all accompanied by whipped cream. Really, you have to see The Crazy Mason to believe it. But more importantly, you have to experience it!
Visiting Kirk's was like stepping back in time to and old-fashioned, family ice cream shoppe.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

Kirk's Ice Cream Parlor

Visiting Kirk's Ice Cream Parlor was like taking a step back in time to a traditional family ice cream parlor. We stood in a short line, perused the choices peering back from the glass-topped freezer, requested a tasting (or two), and made our choices. Then we stepped over to the next room, found a table, and enjoyed our treat in friendly and familiar surroundings.

Kirk's serves up a wide variety of Mayfield-branded ice cream in generous scoops, with a simple selection of toppings. No wild names. No over-the-top combinations.

Saltwater Scoops

We stumbled on this hidden treasure after an outlet mall shopping stop. And we're so glad we did.

Owner Todd Hall is an ice cream magician who makes up small batches of hand-crafted frozen goodness in this off-the-beaten-path location. There are no billboards along the highway to draw you in. The location isn't along one of the main streets, so you won't just happen by. And there's no fancy décor to create a chain-like branded experience.

But when you do find it -- located in a strip mall at 9670 N. Kings Highway -- you'll be rewarded by some of the creamiest, best-tasting ice cream you've ever had. I'll also mention that Saltwater Scoops featured the most value priced offerings we experienced. This truly is a local treasure, patronized and appreciated by a local crowd.
Large servings, great pricing and locally made real ice cream put Saltwater Scoops on our list.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

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