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Que & A: Why Do We Love Woodstock's Bub-Ba-Que?


Living in the barbeque-rich Southeastern US, it's virtually impossible to pick a single "favorite" barbeque location or outing. So instead, here's a simple Que and A about why we put Woodstock's Bub-Ba-Que location among our regional favorites:

Why do we love Woodstock's Bub-Ba-Que? Well, to answer simply, "It's the barbeque, stupid!"Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

What's so special about Bub-Ba-Que?

When asked by a national journalist about the primary issue in a presidential election, strategist James Carville famously replied, "It's the economy, stupid!" Since we both graduated from LSU, I feel perfectly comfortable paraphrasing Carville in this instance: "It's the barbeque, stupid!" Plain, old-fashioned, perfectly smoked, dark barked, smoke ringed goodness enhanced by four sauces that I could write home about. Next question.

Do You Have a Favorite Menu Item?

How about all of them? Or at least, all of those I've tried. I keep promising myself that I WILL try them all. But then I walk in, look at the menu, and am drawn back to the brisket, pulled pork, chicken or ribs, with a side of baked beans and fried okra and a sweet tea. I mean, what else to you need in life? There is an entire section of the menu entitled "The Other Stuff" that intrigues me and, I swear, I want to try them. But then a contrail of smoke aroma wafts over and I'm put right back into my Bub-Ba-Que trance.

To enhance the smoke ringed goodness, select from four sauces that are good enough to write home -- or for Newsbreak -- about!.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

Are the Fried Pickles worthy of consideration?

Yes, and I suspect they are listed first on the menu among the appetizer choices for a good reason. We never get past that first item on those highly-unusual instances when we consider having an appetizer. I mean, we know we're gonna be stuffed when we leave, so apps aren't really necessary. We have read the remainder of the list, and are tempted to try the burnt ends and Bubba-penos alone as a meal. But then that aroma kicks in and . . .

Who orders baked potatoes at a barbeque joint?

My answer would have been "only the legally insane" until I saw a neighboring table of well-fed locals wolfing down huge spuds piled high with smoked meats and swimming in sauce.

What's the clientele say about the place?

Lots of locals. Mainly repeat visitors. Safest place in town, as we're often surrounded by tables of Cherokee County sheriffs deputies. It's a favorite lunch spot for utility crews, service companies, constructions crews and both blue and white collar types -- and the white collars know to get extra napkins!

We weren't the only judges impressed by the championship barbeque at Bub-Ba-Que.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

Can you really get great barbeque in a strip mall?

I would be much more confident walking into a barbeque joint in small town strip mall than walking into a strip joint near a barbeque competition!

Where is Bub-Ba-Que located?

They have two locations, in Jasper and Woodstock. And don't confuse them with that Florida-based chain of a similar name, or you'll be disappointed. In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy's redneck directions, just look for the trucks near the corner of the major highway and Main Street in Woodstock. If you're a GPS-using city slicker, that's 10020 Hwy 92 #100, Woodstock, GA 30188

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