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Tired of Beef? Mary's Lamb Burger at Stockyard Is a Contrary Choice That Will Please Your Taste Buds


When we wandered in to Stockyard Burgers and Bones near the historic square in Marietta, we planned to make a filling lunch from their burger menu. That was until I spotted the Mary's lamb burger option and decided to trade my tired standard selection for a new flavor adventure for my taste buds.
The Mary's lamb burger with mint, feta cheese and arugula was a perfect choice to break away from bland beef burgers.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

For those not familiar, Stockyard Burgers and Bones hides on Mill Street, just off Marietta Square but easily overlooked by those who don't wander away from that main city center. If you haven't been to this quaint burger and beef place near the tracks, we'd recommend you search it out for some of the best burger options in town.

We've been here on other occasions, and we were always delighted by their burger selections. On those visits, I had enjoyed the Yard Burger, with bleu cheese and a surprising bacon-onion jam, and the Pimento Patty Melt, served between giant slices of Texas toast, covered with gooey pimento cheese, and served with a smear of smoked paprika aioli.
Hidden on Mill Street, just a block away from historic Marietta Square, it's worth your effort to find this hidden gem.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

While I wasn't tired of beef burgers, Mary's lamb burger bleated at me from the menu. On the rare occasions when I can find lamb, I always enjoy chops. So the idea of fresh ground New Zealand lamb served with mint and garlic aioli -- and topped with wonderful feta to make it even "betta" -- was just too much to pass up. I added a side of sweet potato tots, and chose the garlic aioli dipping sauce to accompany them at our waitperson's recommendation.

We also ordered the Mother Clucker chicken sandwich, with grilled chicken, then made it "angry" with a side of Nashville-style sweet and spicy barbeque sauce. For this side, we stuck with the standard basket of fries, with chipotle ketchup.
Though I'm not a huge fan of Nashville hot chicken, the sweet and spicy sauce on the Mother Clucker made for a great bite.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

Our food arrived quickly to our outside table, picture-perfect plates with food arranged in an appetizing array. I eagerly bit into my lamb burger, and was delighted as the combination of mild lamb, sweet mint and tart feta exploded like a flavor bomb in my mouth. Two bites later, I tried the sweet potato tots, which were perfectly accompanied by the sweet-and-garlicy dipping sauce.

Of course I also sampled the chicken, seared with nice grill marks while the inside retained its moisture. I'm usually not a fan of Nashville hot chicken, though in this case, having a small amount as a dipping sauce added to the dish. I even dipped some of the fries into the sauce, which was surprisingly good.
On a prior visit, we substituted roasted bacon Brussels sprouts as our side -- YUM!Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

This visit reinforced for me that it's good to wander away from the safe, same menu choices when returning to a favorite location. Don't be afraid to try something new, especially if you have an experienced server who gives it a strong recommendation.

That said, I already know my next lunch order for a return to Stockyard. I'm eager to try the Dirty South, a black Angus burger covered in liberal serving of smoked gouda mac and cheese, bacon and an apple butter barbeque sauce!

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