Even on the Hottest Summer Days, These Tips Will Help You Enjoy Your Visit to Six Flags Over Georgia


In our family, summertime always meant a visit to theme parks. And way back in the days when we only had three television networks, the family would travel to a nearby park where we tween-agers and teenagers were allowed to roam freely, binge ride roller coasters and consume mass quantities of park foods as long as we turned up at the assigned meeting points every few hours.

If your Six Flags experiences needs more shady spots and tranquil trains than raging rollercoasters, this guide is for you.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

Many summers, adulthood, recurring vertigo and AARP-senior status have turned those simpler times to distant memories. Still, we enjoy occasional trips to theme parks as long as they don’t turn into marathon tests of endurance in a determined effort to extract every penny of attraction value out of high admission prices.

If you’re a grandparent visiting Six Flags during the Georgia summer, we’re assuming it’s because you have younger grandchildren along. Teenagers are too cool and hyped-up to be slowed by us old folks, and by that, I mean anyone over 25! Plus, parents of teenagers should know better than asking grandparents to chaperone the raging-hormone crowd.

Hop aboard the Six Flag train for a soothing ride around the park. I'm just glad my family woke me up rather than letting loop around asleepPhoto: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

We have a more complete grandparents guide to visiting Six Flags over Georgia at our blog, OurTravelCafe.com, which may contain advertising where the website or author may receive payments. Here are our three top tips:

  • Sky Buckets. We’re putting these first because you should ride them early. You can tell the family it’s to help them get a feel for the park layout. But the real reason is this attraction closes at the first sign of thunderstorms and remains closed long after. The Sky Buckets won’t be confused for an aerial daredevil experience. These slow-moving gondolas cross the park, providing a good view, gentle breeze and some relief from the closeness of the summertime crowds.
  • Riverview Carousel and Rocking Chairs. Every older adults' ultimate resting ride, the Riverview Carousel is located on a shaded hilltop above the rest of the park. And it’s surrounded by classic rocking chairs, a perfect place of refuge from the hot, humid Georgia days. So you have two options: hop on and enjoy the ride, or grab a seat in the shade and watch the world and the little ones whirl by.
  • Hanson Cars. You passed these on the way up the hill to the carousel. Now that you’re on the downhill slope, coast into this line. One of the original park rides from 1967, these antique cars roar around on a rail track at speeds up to 7 mph. Lines are often long as you’re not the only grandparent or parent who loves this ride.

You'll find more of these tips at our blog, so check them out before your visit to Six Flags.

Surrounded by classic rocking chairs, the Carousel is a perfect place of refuge from the hot, humid Georgia days.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

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