Sloppy Floyd Is NOT What the Kids Are Calling It These Days, But Is a Favorite Georgia State Park


When I asked my adult daughter if she and her kids wanted to go with us to Sloppy Floyd, she replied, “Sure, what kind of food do they serve?”

No, Sloppy Floyd is not a restaurant. Nor is it the latest dance craze.

For sake of clarity, our reference to Sloppy Floyd was James H. “Sloppy” Floyd State Park, one of our favorite Northwest Georgia hiking parks surrounded by the Chattahoochee Forest. The park’s most photographed and well-known feature is the small waterfall over the gaping entry to the abandoned Marble Mine. And regional anglers would prefer to keep secret that the park’s two man-made lakes are well-stocked with channel catfish, bass, and bream, with easy access from the shore, boats or the fishing docks.
The park’s two man-made lakes are well-stocked, with easy fishing access from the shore, boats or docks.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

When we visit, following are our three favorite places in the park. (You can get more details, photos and tips on visiting Sloppy Floyd State park at our blog, which contains advertising where the website or author may receive payments):

Marble Mine. The trail here is a relatively easy, slightly inclined, gravel-and-rock-covered wide trail suitable for families. At Marble Mine, a low-volume waterfall drips steadily during wetter periods from a ledge above into a reflecting pool. A boardwalk at the mine entrance allows visitors to walk by the side and behind the falls, a sure delight for the youngsters on a hot day as small eddies sneak through crack in the rocks to drip on the unaware or curious. Standing on the boardwalk at its various terminating points behind the falls also provides some natural air conditioning as cool air escapes from the now-closed subterranean passages.

Taylor Ridge and Turkey's Home. If you're visiting with youngsters or those with limited range, you may want to skip this and head back to the Lower Lake Trail. Otherwise, continuing up on the Marble Mine trail is a relatively steep, narrower trail featuring many switchbacks. The high point of Taylor Ridge tops out at 1,400 feet. There you join a section of the 335-mile Pinhoti Trail as it meanders from Alabama into Georgia. With a prominence of approximately 800 feet above some of the surrounding valleys, the views here are expansive, especially in the winter when the fallen leaves open the vast panorama. Reflecting both the elevation and the plentiful wildlife in this area, Pinhoti is a Creek work for “turkey’s home.”

Lower Lake Trail. The easiest trail at Sloppy Floyd is the near-flat and descriptively named Lower Lake Loop. Following the shore of Lower Lake from the park office, it’s easy to follow the Lower Lake Loop until to the earthen dam. You can turn around, or make a longer loop hike.
Above the mine, the Pinhoti trail follows a high ridge, providing great views for fall, winter and spring hikes.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

Treats for the Return Home

Often tired and craving a reward for our exertion, we often follow US 27 south on the journey home, frequently stopping in downtown Rome for a cold treat or warm meal. The City Creamery beckons whenever we have the grandkids with us, or when we just need a cooling reward.
When visiting with the littles, we always stop in Rome for a visit to City Creamery. Get more tips at our blog.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

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