I Scream, You Scream, It's Ice Cream Month -- And These Are Our Local Cobb County Favorites


There's nothing like a sugar cone filled with flavored rich creamy goodness to cool even the hottest Georgia summer day. And since July is National Ice Cream Month, declared such in 1984 by then-President Ronald Reagan, that got us to thinking about some of our favorite ice cream stops around West Cobb County.

We're not ice cream experts, but we are frequent consumers along with the littles. That means we've visited lots of Cobb ice cream shops.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

Now, we're not saying this is a comprehensive list of ALL the best ice cream stops in West Cobb, but rather, a list of some of the favorites we frequent for frozen favors. And, though not technically ice cream, we're going to include frozen custard and yogurt, too. If you can't handle that inclusion, please stop reading now and go eat something sour to match your attitude.

We don't proclaim to be ice cream experts, or to have sampled all the ice creams in West Cobb. So, we invite you to leave your favorites in the comments section so we can try them out, if not in July, then perhaps later in the summer.

At Frozen Cow Creamery in Kennesaw, we enjoyed our treats and the rocking chairs on the front porch.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

As to our West Cobb favorites, here's a list, in random order of my memory rather than ranked by preference:

Four Fat Cows, Marietta. If we had to pick a favorite, this might be it. Let's start with the broad flavor choice of hand-dipped goodness. Operated by a mother and son duo from a family familiar with celiac disease, the store offers traditional flavors, some exotic options, and a variety of gluten free and diary free treats – all allergen free and perfect when your family includes lactose, gluten and (maybe!) fun-intolerant members!

Sarah Jean's Ice Cream, Marietta. On Marietta Square, this family shop features 45 flavors, all available in an incredible array of frozen concoctions like shakes, malts, banana splits, sundaes, slushes, and more. We love eating in because we're suckers for an establishment with an operating model train. But, we often carry-out because it gets just too crowded with discriminating ice cream aficionados.

Frozen Cow Creamery, Kennesaw. Just off Main Street near the Locomotive Museum, this hidden gem has served handmade, nitrogen-frozen ice cream since 2016. We're often frozen in our decision making by the array of choices. Or, conversely, we get wildly cold-creative. For the less adventuresome, let the 32 "standard" options on the "classic" menu, be your starting point. Our favorite: bananas foster, with a touch of chocolate and coconut added.

Culvers, various locations. We discovered this Wisconsin-based frozen custard on trips to America's dairy land when working for a Manitowoc, WI, based company named The Manitowoc Company. We celebrated when Culver's opened outposts in Georgia. Here's a little secret: $2 Tuesday! They pack some of their best flavors into pint servings, and you can take those home at a big discount.

Bruster's, various locations. Yes, it's a chain, but their hand-dipped flavors retain the freshness we love at local creameries. Bruster's stores are franchised and locally operated, and each generally features at least two dozen flavors. A few standards are always available, then they rotate others in from 150+ options in the chain's flavor freezer.

Dairy Queen, various locations. Tom Hanks was quoted famously that he gained lots of weight when filming the movie classic, "A League of Their Own," because of trips to Dairy Queen. Over the years, the chain has narrowed its list of the mix-in Blizzard offer. But, when the line is short or we have a long-experienced worker, we still sometimes order -- and provide instructions for making -- the French Silk Pie Blizzard since all the original ingredients remain in-store for use in other treats.

Add Your Favorites in Comments

As mentioned, we're always on the hunt for new treat treasures. So leave us your recommendations on Cobb County's best ice cream shops (or shoppes, if you prefer) in the comment section. And for more of our favorites outside of Georgia, visit our blog, OurTravelCafe.com, which may contain advertising where the website or author may receive payments.

Four Fat Cows: allergen free and perfect when your family includes lactose, gluten and (maybe!) fun-intolerant members.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

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We couldn't resist: apple cobbler and blackberry cobbler nitro-frozen ice creams.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

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