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Mr. Ed's Delivers Louisiana Favorite Foods in a Neighborhood Setting


Whenever we visit the Greater New Orleans area, one of our favorite stops is Mr. Ed's. You can ask which of the three Jefferson Parish locations we're referring to, and our answer will be, "Yes!"
Louisiana fried catfish with a side of smoky jambalaya delivered on flavor and texture. The remoulade cocktail sauce added a spicy note. tPhoto: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

It doesn't really matter which location in Metairie you visit. Mr. Ed's delivers many Louisiana favorite seafood dishes, flavored with some Italian and other house specials, in local neighborhood settings (Mr. Ed's also operates location in New Orleans proper, and two restaurants under other names, but we haven't visited those.)

Our most recent stop was Mr. Ed's Oyster Bar and Fish House, located near the intersection of Veteran's and Causeway Boulevards in Metairie. Locals will remember this as the Metairie location of the legendary Bozo's, which closed in 2013. Founded by Chris "Bozo" Vodanovich, the restaurant had an 85-year history before shuttering.
The Metairie location near the intersection of Causeway and Veterans Boulevards, occupies the site of the legendary Bozo's restaurant.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

Today, Mr. Ed's serves that tradition well, offering raw and fried oysters, along with a full array of Louisiana seafood staples. Plus, Mr. Ed's features it's own local favorite -- three or four pieces of crispy, perfectly fried chicken.

The menus vary some at the Jefferson Parish locations, but each features a plethora of seafood dishes. On our most recent visit, we ordered the catfish platter, shrimp and grits, a crab cake entree, seafood gumbo, chicken fried chicken and broiled fish. The fried fish was the highlight, featuring a plentiful serving of four-to-five inch filets lightly fried in a cornmeal batter. The broiled fish and crab cakes were lightly seasoned, allowing the seafood to shine through rather than hide under over-spiced flavors. The gumbo was dark and thick, with lots of shrimp and crabmeat. Our chicken lover devoured the chicken fried steak, slathering it with the accompanying gravy.
Raw and fried oysters are on the menu, along with a plethora of Louisiana seafood favorites.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

While the shrimp and grits wasn't outstanding (lacking some in the seasoning department), it included a plentiful serving of grits topped with grilled shrimp.

On previous visits to Kenner and Buckhead locations, we've included Italian dishes. Each featured a sweet, luscious tomato sauce. Our favorite was the eggplant parmesan, with breaded eggplant medallions lightly fried, covered with provolone cheese, then topped with that wonderful tomato sauce.

If you're looking for a fancy meal at a big-name New Orleans restaurant, there are plenty around. But when you want a neighborhood experience surrounded by locals out for a favorite meal, include Mr. Ed's on your list.

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