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Be Sure to End This Short Downtown Marietta Bike Ride With Family Treats


For those who like to combine a recreational bike ride with easy access to small-town amenities, the in-town Marietta portion of the Mountain-to-River trail may be a perfect option to consider.
Riding portions of the Mountain-to-River Trail near downtown Marietta is a great blend of exercise and small town exploration.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

The ride stays exclusively on a dedicated bike and pedestrian trail, with overpasses bridging above busy roads and signal-controlled crossings at other intersections. This is perfect for the pleasure rider looking for limited physical activity, blended with local history and some off-bike time. People of all ages can make the four-mile round-trip ride on virtually any type of bike, with no special packing, supplies or gear required.

The full route stretches from Marietta's Brown Park to near Tower Road, but you can make it shorter by turning around anywhere. To get the most exercise and fun, I usually start at Brown Park, where there’s a small parking lot. (NOTE: The parking lot at Brown Park has been closed periodically). Another option is to park at Lewis Park, then pedal into Marietta from the opposite direction. See this map: )
The trail runs trackside through downtown Marietta. On weekends, you may want to dismount and walk some sections.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

You’ll join the trail at the new overpass across South Marietta Parkway and then pedal through downtown Marietta on a rail-side brick path. Follow the path through downtown, observing all crossing signs for your own safety. On busy weekends, it may be best to walk your bike through Marietta Station area.

Once you cross the overpass bridging North Marietta Parkway, you’ll definitely want to dismount and walk your bike down a narrow connector sidewalk near Brumby Loft apartments. Once down, remount and rejoin the trail as it turns left away from Marietta Parkway and eventually follows Brumby, Sessions and Rosedale Streets to Tower Road. At Tower, turn around and retrace your route back to Brown Park. (If you prefer a longer ride, you can continue. But beware, the trail gets hillier and more difficult as it continues toward Kennesaw Mountain.)
We often save downtown stops for our return. On Saturday, the Marietta farmer's market is a convenient stop.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

Favorite Marietta Stops

(If you follow our journey here, some of the included links may contain advertising where the website or author may receive payments.)
The Marietta Square Food Hall is an excellent choice for after-ride snacks and sweets.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

We often save stops at downtown Marietta for our return, but you do you! You’ll find convenient bike racks near the Marietta Welcome Center to safely lock your bikes during your downtown visit, as bikes are not allowed on in the square or on city sidewalks.

Among our favorite downtown treat choices on the return trip are Cool Bean Coffee Roasters, Sugar Cakes Patisserie and Bistro and Sarah Jean’s Ice Cream. All offer quick carry-out and limited outdoor seating, which is perfect if you want to rest without bothering others.

The Marietta Square Food Hall is just off the trail, and a great food and treat option, too. We're frequent lunch and snack time visitors, and recommend several favorite options.

We also enjoy stops at Session’s Stand, an amazing little neighborhood café beyond downtown with outstanding coffees, baked goods and more. And yes, there is outdoor seating!
Bridges span major road crossings.Photo: DeanLand / Our Travel Cafe

More Marietta Biking Options

For more of our casual, family-friendly favorite Marietta and Kennesaw biking options, check out this blog at Our Travel Cafe.

Serious bikers can also learn more about our distance biking route on the nearby Silver Comet Trail.

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