Colorful Reasons to Visit Your Favorite Georgia Places in All Seasons


As avid hikers, we keep a list of all our favorite hiking spots in Georgia and beyond. And sometimes, when considering our next trip, we fall victim to the "we've been there before" trap. But experience shows that's a mistake, so we've developed our own partial immunity to this reasoning. Now, we look forward to returning and finding new experiences in all seasons.
Seasons change and so does the scenery -- including what's looking back at you!

Have You Really Been There?

With changing seasons, Georgia's mountains and waterways take on a different look a feel. Green mountainsides filled with trees in summer turn into colorful tableaus of red, yellow, orange and brown in the fall. At some of our favorite waterfalls, trees obscure the view for part of the year, revealing more spectacular scenery when the leaves fall. Along mountain summits, the wonderful shaded summer trails give way to welcome radiant heat and panoramic views in the winter. And at local gardens such as Gibbs Gardens near Ball Ground, GA, Smith Gilbert Gardens in Kennesaw, GA, and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, every-changing bloom seasons are among the top reasons for visiting throughout the year.
We visit Amicalola Falls year-round for the ever-changing beauty. We even went early on a Frozen day to capture the winter

Dare to Compare

When planning a revisit, we often review our photo files before departure, both to remember our favorite shots and also to make a list (mental or written) of comparative photos we want to capture. While we don't worry about capturing the exact same angle or light conditions, we do enjoy viewing side-by-side comparisons. We maintain a photo album for display on our large-screen televisions, and we enjoy putting up these seasonal images. Based on their responses, our visitors enjoy it, too.

Some of Our Favorites

We love waterfalls, mountain-top views and waterways, so these top our favorites lists. Click on the links following to see more, (and be aware that the linked sites contain advertising where the website and author may receive payments):

Amicalola Falls. We make routine visits here, and in January 2021, made a special "frozen-day" visit specifically for winter wonderland shots.

Red Top Mountain State Park. We love walking the lake shore in the summer, and also capturing fun fall colors when cooler temperatures return.

Gibbs Gardens. We find reasons to visit in three seasons (the gardens are closed in winter!). When you visit or online, you can sign-up for their bloom schedule.

Pine Log Creek Trail. A scenic hidden stone quarry awaits on this trail, where you can reflect mentally and the changing scenery reflects in the still waters.

Duke's Creek Falls. In summer, green trees hide much of the cascading falls. But in fall and winter, the full splendor and length of the falls is on display.
Gibbs Gardens near Ball Ground, GA, is planned landscape of ever-changing color. You can get a bloom schedule to track peak

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