States That Are Sending Out Tax Refund Checks: November 2022

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In South Carolina, there are millions of citizens who are going to be receiving a one-time income tax rebate that can go up to $700.

Checks will be printed and mailed or given out as a debit card or as direct deposit during the first days and weeks of November. They will continue being sent out throughout the end of 2022.

The state's Department of Revenue gave the news in South Carolina; however, South Carolina isn't the only state that is giving taxpayers a little financial relief.

Massachusetts has also started refunding upwards of $3 billion in surplus tax revenue to their residents this month.

Additionally, Illinois has been issuing $50 as well as $100 income tax rebates.

California has already sent out inflation relief checks to many of their residents and the checks range anywhere between $100 up to $1,050. The money will be sent through direct deposit or debit cards, and they will continue to send them out within the next few months, so keep checking your accounts if you haven't yet received yours.

Colorado has been offering $750 checks to anyone who filed their 2021 tax returns as well as $1,500 for joint filers by January 31, 2023.

Additionally, Delaware is getting $300 stimulus checks to people who filed their most recent tax returns.

Florida got $450 child tax credit payments per child, and Georgia is offering $250 rebates to single taxpayers, $375 to the heads of households, and $500 for joint filers. Hawaii has also sent out payments of up to $1,200 to families and if filing single, you'd get $300 in tax rebate money.

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