Political Commentator Tucker Carlson Assails Anthony Fauci

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Political commentator on Fox News, Tucker Carlson, is known to have assailed Anthony Fauci numerous times for his role in the U.S. government’s response to COVID-19 during former President Donald Trump’s and President Joe Biden’s administrations.

However, on August 22nd, Fauci announced that he would soon be retiring from both of his jobs as director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases as well as chief medical adviser to the president at the end of year, so naturally, Tucker laid into him like never before.

Carlson stated that Fauci committed “very serious crimes” and said he “apparently engineered the single most devastating event in modern American history.”

Carlson, famous for assailing people’s looks, also called Fauci a “an even tinier version of the Dalai Lama” and a “Stalinist midget.

Carlson seems to love criticisms of his comments, which obviously draw more attention to him as well as his show. Additionally, in one of his rants. Carlson goes on to say:

"Even Tony Fauci knows that Tony Fauci is, in fact, a dangerous fraud, a man who has done things that in most countries, at most times in history, would be understood perfectly clearly to be very serious crimes. So, it’s possible that Tony Fauci might want to resign before he has to explain all of that to a new Congress. He might want to get out of town now and move to, say, Cambridge, find a safe place to hide before the reckoning. Just a thought because honestly, there’s a lot to answer for. In just the last 2 years, Fauci’s recommended treatments and preventative measures for COVID that not only didn’t work, but that he knew didn’t work. He admitted to The New York Times [NYT] that he lied about herd immunity in order to sell more vaccines, which also didn’t work, which weren’t even actually vaccines, but they did hurt a lot of people, tens of thousands.”

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