Republicans Looking To Impeach Joe Biden

Dayana Sabatin
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According to The Atlantic, after numerous performative investigations, Republicans in the House are looking to impeach Joe Biden.

While this might not be their present plan, it is heard that they're planning on working themselves up to it. The pressure from the MAGA base is starting to build.

This particular prediction rests on the assumption that Republicans will be winning control of the House next month, which is looking more and more likely.

Democrats would have to win an improbable number of toss-up races to keep their majority.

Nothing in the public record offers any specific reason to believe that the Senate, despite it potentially being under Republican control, would convict and take out Biden from office. But, House Republicans will most likely see many advantages in impeaching Biden, as well as several other top administration officials such as Merrick Garland, Kamala Harris, and a few others.

There is already a huge demand for impeachment. A University of Massachusetts Amherst poll in May found that 68% of Republican voters believe the House should impeach Biden.

The poll numbers for impeachment correspond closely to the belief Republicans have that Biden is an illegitimate president. They believe that Biden cheated in 2020, and Donald Trump was the true winner.

"The impeachment buzz will be at the backdrop of every conversation about a Republican agenda. MAGA true believers think Republicans allowed Democrats to play hardball, and now's the time to really sort of fight fire with fire. Trump's supporters want retribution," said Kevin Madden, a former top GOP spokesperson, and strategist.

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