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Gas Prices Rise To $10 Per Gallon In California

Dayana Sabatin

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Gas prices in California have been rapidly approaching double digits. Currently in California, you'll see prices around $9.50 per gallon at numerous Chevron stations, especially in the rural areas of Mendocino. The owner of Chevron told Fox News about the challenges of selling gas in rural parts of California, in which he claims transportation and pipeline access has made his gasoline astronomical.

"When you factor in transportation costs, the proximity to pipelines, those can also add up to the price of gasoline," said owner Aldo Vazquez. "That's why we always recommend doing your research because if you can find a different route, you may end up in an area with lower prices."

Last week, a chevron station in downtown Los Angeles was charging over $8.05, and while they were faced with criticism, the prices continued to escalate.

Other states have also been complaining about their average gas prices also rising. The top 10 states with the highest increases were tracked by AAA and saw their prices jump at the very least 20+ cents over a seven-day period. Additionally, West Virginia saw the most significant jump at 28 cents per gallon between June 6th and the 13th.

Colorado and Montana weren't far behind; their gas increased by 25 and 27 cents.

Biden continues to blame the war in Ukraine for the escalating prices of oil and gas. When asked by a reporter for his thoughts on the nationwide average price of gas increases, he deferred blame, saying, "It's outrageous what the war in Ukraine is causing."

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