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Slurpin' Ramen in Los Angeles

Dayana Sabatin

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"Staying traditional with style! Started in the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles 8th Street, Slurpin ramen was created from ambition to bringing authentic Hakata-style  rich, thick and creamy tonkotsu ramen to California. Slurpin’ derives from Japanese culture in showing respect to your ramen chef with a loud “slurp” sound from eating the noodles and broth. Loud slurping may seem different in the US, but in Japan it is considered rude not to slurp!"

Ramen is one of the best meals you can have, especially after a long weekend of eating out and/or drinking. This particular ramen spot has a great lunch combo from 11:30 am to 3 pm where you get ramen, any appetizer, and a house salad.

Their appetizers are abundant, they have fried baby octopus, fried squid leg, sesame chicken, soft shell crab, bulgogi egg roll, fried rice, and gyozas (both beef or veggie options).

I always start off with some sides, garlic edamame is my favorite as well as shishito peppers and some kimchi which is only $2.

For ramen, it comes with green onion, garlic, dried seaweed, black garlic oil and your choice of meat. Small option is $10 and a regular is $12. The meat options are chashu, fatty pork, chicken breast or tofu.

You can choose the spicy level, 0-non spicy and 3-super spicy.

There's a large variety of toppings, dried seaweed, red ginger, broccoli, bean sprouts, cilantro, spinach, shiitake mushroom, cherry tomato, jalapeno, and corn.

For an additional charge, add egg, crunch onion, and garlic, bamboo shoot, spicy umami oil, chicken breast, extra noodles, extra broth, or extra veggies.

Don't end your meal without having something sweet, they have macaron ice cream (green tea, mango, vanilla, cappuccino, strawberry), or tempura ice cream.

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