5 of The Most Underrated and Sexiest Qualities in a Guy

Dayana Sabatin


Abs, great smile, he’s definitely got to be loaded (obviously), obsessed with me (in a healthy way, duh), and nice eyes.

Did I cover it?

I’m only kidding; I will admit, though, I’ve always had a thing for a guy with a great smile; I mean, if I’m going to wake up to you and talk to you all the time, I’d like to at least look at a pretty picture.

All jokes aside, though, everybody has a different perspective on the qualities they find most attractive in a man. Some women will straight up admit that it’s looks for them; others will claim that a good personality triumphs bad hygiene and lack of effort in appearances.

When I think about some of my previous relationships, I believe it’s a combination of both. Some guys that aren’t all that great looking have a rockin' personality that sweeps you off your feet. Other guys, while they might look like a Greek God, are so dull, you’d rather spend the evening watching reruns of Friends and eating takeout alone.

Being sexy and attractive is great, and I’ll admit, it’s something I do look for in a partner, but there are a few other underrated things I’d like to point out that are incredibly appealing, and if you ever come across a man with these qualities, you may have just hit the jackpot.

He knows how to take care of himself.

There’s nothing sexier than a guy who has his shit together.

I’m not talking about him being able to pay the bills, although, yes, I think a man should be 100% financially stable if you’re getting into a serious relationship; I’m talking about the fact that he knows how to take care of himself physically and emotionally.

For starters, he hits up the gym. Not because he’s trying to look swole and rep a six-pack, but because he understands that in order to stay fit and healthy, you’ve got to exercise.

Exercising is extremely hard for a lot of people; it requires a lot of discipline and hard work, and not a lot of people have the ability to be disciplined like that, which is why I find it sexy when a guy prioritizes his health.

Secondly, a guy who takes care of himself emotionally is even more appealing. There’s a lot of guys out there who refuse to deal with their emotions; it’s like they think they’re “too macho” to talk about how they really feel.

Then, one day they just explode on you because everything they’ve ever been holding back is suddenly too much to handle. Communication is sexy; a guy who understands how he feels and why he feels a certain way is sexy.

Men, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

He knows how to cook.

This is probably something I would never have considered before, except that my partner knows how to cook, and he knows how to cook damn well.

Growing up, my mother used to do all the cooking, and not just because she was a single parent but because she grew up with her mother doing all the cooking too, we never really considered the idea of a man cooking; it was always sort of a woman’s job unless we’re having BBQ. In that case, men come help.

When I first started dating my partner, I hopped into my normal routine of cooking and buying groceries and whatnot, and one evening I was coming home from work when he texted me saying,

“I made us dinner.”

I was skeptical; he probably made some frozen pizza or his usual ground beef and rice (he’s a health nut). But, to my surprise, I came home to the most mouthwatering of smells stumbling over themselves in the kitchen. He made us bolognese with homemade sauce, fresh garlic bread, and he even ran out for one of our favorite bottles of Pinot Noir.

The bolognese was incredible, and ever since then, I’m always eager to have my partner cook us dinner. It’s a real treat, and quite frankly, it’s incredibly sexy to see a man whipping up some magic in the kitchen.

He’s supportive of you and your endeavors.

In a romantic partnership, it’s safe to say that both people have to be supportive and hold one another up.

But there are guys who are ‘supportive,’ and then there are guys who are supportive. They go out of their way for you; they’re interested in what you’re working on; they even offer to devote their time to help you with whatever it is that you’re doing.

They make their interest known, and they always put actions behind their words. If you need them, they’re there. If you’re struggling, they’re on their way. If you feel like giving up, they’ll give you 10 reasons why you shouldn’t and remind you just how far along you’ve already come.

Being supportive is one thing, but really being supported and feeling like your partner will help you become a rockstar despite your ability to sing is a whole other story.

He knows the importance of intimacy.

I suppose this depends on your love language, but if your love language is physical touch, you understand just how important being intimate is.

Not all men understand that it’s not always about jumping each other's bones every time you see one another; sometimes it’s about the little things.

A caress of the shoulder, tracing patterns on your skin, his hand on the small of your back as he guides you through the door, kissing your forehead. These are all simple and minuscule things a man can do that raise the goosebumps on your skin and make your heart flutter.

Being touchy-feely with your partner is a huge turn on, and if he knows how to do it right, well — that’s just very sexy.

He’s loyal — 100%.

Loyalty. We all want it, nobody wants their partners to cheat or think about other people, and when we get it, we often bypass it.

I’m not just talking about your partner being loyal to you in your relationship and not being with other people, because let's face it — that's a given; I’m talking about the loyalty they devote to you and the relationship in general.

For example, when there are problems, they don’t run away. They’re loyal to you and understand that the two of you need to resolve the issue.

They’re loyal behind closed doors; you’re never wondering where they are or what they’re doing. If their buddies are going out to get hammered and hang out with girls, your partner brings you along or doesn’t even go because — why go out with people that aren’t at the same level as you? Why even put yourself in a situation where something bad might happen?

Loyalty is incredibly underappreciated because it tends to be automatic and subliminal, which is why it’s underrated.

These are just a few of the sexiest qualities that I find underrated. Every guy has his own unique qualities and I’m sure your partner has about a hundred other ones.

Truth be told, the qualities that stick out to you will always be the things that you personally value, and if you find a guy that has some incredible qualities, point them out. You never know, your guy might end up surprising you with a few more.

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