Stop Dreaming — Start Doing

Dayana Sabatin

You dream of having a better life. You dream about waking up whenever you want to wake up, making coffee, sipping it on your balcony that overlooks the ocean — or perhaps you prefer a city view.

You envision that every single morning as you lay in bed staring at the ceiling, counting the days until you finally make it.

You write down your goals, your dreams, your aspirations. You look online for opportunities, maybe even an internship. You want to learn new things; you want to try something different. You think it’d be cool to do what your friends do; they seem successful.

You try it, it doesn’t work out, so you go back to your own dreams, and you just keep piling on more things you want. More desires, more hopes, more goals.

Yet, you don’t do a single thing to turn those dreams into reality.

You blame the world; you blame life because there are thousands of people right now living the life you want to live, somehow, magically, without even trying, they got what you want.

You don’t hear about their struggles; you don’t even want to consider the idea that they worked hard for what they have. It all seems effortlessly easy for them while you sit and dwell and complain.

So who’s fault is it really, that all of your days are spent dreaming? Who’s fault is it that you haven’t yet achieved any of your desires?

What have you done to get there? What have you done to achieve any of the goals you’ve set for yourself? Have you taken the initiative to begin what you're afraid of? Have you invested the time, energy, and soul that your dreams require? Have you been bold in your endeavors? Or have you not even started?

You don’t want to start because you say you’re not ready, but you go to bed every night unhappy and tell yourself you’ll get there eventually. You just need a little bit more time.

But when? If time was to stand still, would anything change? Would you start?

What needs to happen for you to stop dreaming — and start doing? Do you need to be in the right mood? What mood do you need to be in? Do you need more time? What can you do to give yourself more time?

What can you do to stop dreaming and start doing? You have all the answers right there inside of you, and yet you’re scared to acknowledge that.

You believe you’ll wake up one day with enough energy to go through your to-do list and accomplish everything you’ve written down the last few months or years, but life doesn’t work that way.

The progress you make isn’t meant to be done in the course of one day. It’s meant to be accomplished over the course of a lifetime. You’re supposed to make a little bit of progress every single day because even the tiniest amount daily can lead to massive results over time.

You need to stop waiting for all the stars to align perfectly for you to put action behind your words.

So when you sit down today and dwell on your lack of achievements, remind yourself to stop dreaming — and start doing.

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