The Secret Power of Makeup

Dawn Bevier

Use its transformative properties to heal, inspire, and change your life

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I’ve always been a believer in art of every kind. The fact that an artist can take a blank canvas and create a stunning visual image enthralls me. The fact that a writer can take a jumble of words and arrange them in just the right sequence to pull at my heartstrings amazes me.

But my favorite art is make-up. To see “average” looking women transformed into goddesslike portraits of beauty inspires me in a major way.

And on many days, dabbling in this artistry has changed my life.

And maybe I can convince you that it can change yours as well.

Now yes, I know, this make-up obsession of mine doesn’t fit in with the #nofilter trend.

And I also know that I will face naysayers perhaps — those who rant that a woman’s use of makeup and other “arts of seduction” is somehow “anti-feminist” or a way of keeping women categorized as “objects of beauty” whose only job is to warm a cold bed for a man at night.

But the truth is that makeup empowers me. And it can empower you as well.

Makeup can give you confidence

The way I feel in the morning when I look at my bare-faced reflection is not one of disgust. Making myself up is not an admission that I am somehow faulty, unworthy, just as I am.

Instead, I look at my reflection the way that Michaelangelo looked at that beautiful piece of marble that would one day become his masterpiece David.

He saw that the marble was beautiful. But he saw more. He saw that it could be shaped, transformed into something even more stunning. And he went to work creating his vision. And when he was finished-


People come from all over the world today to stare at its beauty.

But oftentimes we women in our busy world go around showing only that rough-edged piece of untouched marble to the world.

We need to see our potential realized. And it doesn’t take much. But the difference it makes in how you feel can be amazing.

For example, I get excited each morning when I stare at myself in the mirror and decide who I want to be today.

My spirits begin to rise the moment I apply the first drops of moisturizer. There is suddenly a sheen, a shine, a plumpness that was not there a moment before.

Then, I open my eyeshadow palette and ogle the variety of shimmering hues that will soon turn my hazel eyes into the come hither eyes of Cleopatra.

If that’s what I want of course.

Some days all I want is a little foundation, mascara, and lip gloss to transform myself into the pretty girl next door.

Some days I want it all. I contour, highlight, and wing my eyes as I listen to a sultry soundtrack on Spotify and minutes later, I am a goddess in my own mind, even if no one else thinks so.

And the fact that I see myself as this goddess is really the most important thing.

Although it doesn’t hurt my feelings when I get a lingering stare from a stranger walking down the street or better yet a look from my spouse that reminds me of when we first fell “in lust” with one another.

This is what make-up can do for you. And if you are not acquainted with the tips and tricks of the trade, you can be.

Here’s where to start:

Skincare-smooth out the marble

If you have the money, go to a skincare expert. An aesthetician. A dermatologist. They can help to cure whatever “weak spots” are in your beautiful slab of marble. Acne? They can prescribe something. Wrinkles? There are products that they can prescribe like Retin-A to make your skin firmer, smoother, and younger-looking.

If financial constraints don’t allow this, just do some reading or surfing of the web. There are so many helpful articles on which ingredients you should apply to your skin and how they can help you. And you don’t have to go any further than your local pharmacy or drugstore to purchase these items — which are usually reasonably priced.

Cosmetics-the cut and chisel of contouring

The basic know-how of makeup lies in the light-dark principle. Lighter colors bring facial features forward. Darker tones make features recede. Thus is the art of contouring, a makeup principle that has become very popular in recent years. You can go to Youtube and search out makeup tutorials on this skill if you are interested.

As far as that goes, Youtube and the internet itself have tons of how-tos on applying makeup that fits your own personal style, whether it be light and natural or dark and sultry.

You can research which types of products work best for your age and skin type. You can research what colors look best on your eye color. You can research how to do that cat eye that you enviously see your beautiful co-worker rock every day on the job.

Look at the videos. Study the articles. And then start working on your masterpiece.

At the worst, you can wash and rinse and be the same old you that you have always been. At the best, you can see a more beautiful you, a more desirable you, a you that better matches the queen you are on the inside.

The bottom line:

Don’t be afraid to experiment. With make-up. And with life in general for that matter. Put on some cool tunes and let your heart guide your hand as you chisel out your own form of fantastic on that beautiful marble of yours.

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