The Best Indian Food in Manhattan!

At our table, we had chicken chops, which are marinated with spices, yogurt, mayonnaise, and other items. It was a little spicy and super tender. I loved the subtle flavor of the marinade. It went really well with our mint chutney! Next were two Kashmiri dishes: lamb rishta and dum aloo with some rosemary naan. Both are sweet gravies, which is what Kashmir is known for. The lamb rishta gravy is saffron based, while the dum aloo is tomato based. The lamb rishta was nicely balanced with cream and saffron, and the lamb itself was unreal! I loved the bright rosemary flavor in the naan. Next was the dum aloo, which is a stuffed potato in a makhani-like gravy. Next was the chicken biryani. I could see why it was so renowned! It had a smoky flavor and went well with the creamy boondi raita and the lamb rishta gravy. It was incredible! Then, we headed next door to Dhaba Restaurant, where they sell 250 items. It reminded me of an Indian dhaba and had a bar. After watching them prepare d

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