Making 100 Puris at Home!!

With travel still only a very distant possibility at the moment, I’ve been doing what I can to bring some of my favorite international flavors to my home instead! Join me as I make a whopping 100 Indian puris at home as well as some papdi chaat and enjoy it with my dad! I started in my kitchen, where I would first fry up some puris. They’re basically hollow, crispy dough balls. You can have them with a filling that includes potatoes, chilies, chickpeas, and other vegetables and herbs. If you fill them with spiced water, they’re called pani puri, and when they’re filled with yogurt, they’re known as dahi puri. You can also have them crumbled up with a bunch of ingredients on top, which is called papdi chaat. Papdi chaat is a dish you’ll mostly find in northern India. I was planning on doing something really special with my 100 puris. I was going to crush them and have them with a spiced potato mixture, tamarind chutney, spicy green chili chutney, and sev to make a delicious papdi chaa

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