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This 2020 was the year of Covid-19, by now we all know. It was a year marked by economic and social misfortunes, which imposed social distancing on us and forced us to stay at home. But even being forced to stay at home is not pleasant, because psycho-physical health suffers a lot.

So what do you do to combat boredom when you are forced to stay at home? Here is a list of some fun things you can do!

1) Shopping online! We know that shopping is a powerful antidote to any bad mood. During the year, many companies have launched any type of promotion and online there are discounted products for all tastes.

2) Study. Studying is never a mistake, learning as many things as possible will make you an educated person and it is never too late to learn something. Many schools and universities have activated online courses during the year, even free.It is also possible to take courses that issue a real certification.

EdX is one of the largest providers of mass open online courses in the world, giving over 14 million users access to free courses from universities. Originally founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the site now includes courses from the likes of Boston University, Caltech, and dozens of other prestigious universities from around the world.

3) CLEANING AND DECLUTTERING. Who among us doesn't have a high school sweater tucked in the closet yet, or subway tickets for that trip in 2004? What we need to do is 'decluttering', that is to get rid of all those useless and superfluous things that are hidden in the room and in our house. I am one of those people who want to keep everything as a souvenir, without realizing that I'm becoming an accumulator!!

And then why not dedicate ourselves to cleaning those areas of the house that we don't normally clean? The back of the beds, under the carpets or that vase above the bookcase... what's it doing there?! It's time for decluttering!

4) Watch movies and TV series. It is the most relaxing pastime in the world, with a bowl of popcorn or a cup of milk and biscuits the movie night can become a quiet day movie!

Netflix offers a huge amount of movies and TV series, among the latest most loved we certainly find The Queen's Gambit and The Crown. But not only Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sky and Infinity are also valid allies against boredom. In their catalogs there is really spoiled for choice.

5) Visit a museum. Yes you read that right, visit a museum! Virtual museums have been around for years, but they expanded during the pandemic. The virtual museum allows free access to the galleries of a museum, visiting it as if we were there in person. It is an extremely powerful medium especially for the new generations, who are growing more and more 'online'.

After this list I hope to have left you some creative ideas on how to spend your days at home, hopefully not in quarantine!


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