How to grow on Instagram in 2020


Instagram has over a billion users and is the most used social network in the world.

Images are very powerful elements: they are a means of communication appreciated by many people and are able to arouse surprising emotions.That's why taking pictures and sharing them with other people can help you build an emotional connection with them that's hard to reach in other ways.

Since it was born, Instagram has always been a social network that is easy to use and within everyone's reach, anyone can create images and content, but to take full advantage of the possibilities of this social network and increase your visibility you need to have a strategy.

There are tons of techniques to grow on Instagram, but not all are the same and not all are suitable for everyone, each person must find the strategy that best suits his person and his profile.

So how do you understand which technique best suits your needs? How can you increase your visibility?Let's see it together.

1) First you have to establish at least 1/2 macro reference areas of your profile: if you like photography and videos your profile will deal with that, if you like food and cooking then you will talk about that... Never talk about too many different topics, as you will create confusion in your followers. Try to focus on your areas of specialization in such a way that the followers who follow you can consider you a 'specialist' on the subject.

2) To start seeing results it is important that you start defining your goals and determining which is the right target to target. What are the reasons why people should start following you? Are you intercepting them the right way? Defining your target is essential to understand which hashtags to use and what your target is looking for, knowing what kind of people you are talking to is one of the keys to success.

3) Another fundamental key to the growth of your profile is to publish content constantly. But be careful, not any type of content, you have to focus on those that arouse emotions, which deal with some topic in particular. Try not to edit the photo too much, do not distort too much from reality, because the more real it is the more it will be appreciated. Try to use filters as realistic as possible, obviously fake photos do not like.

If the content is weak, try to create interest through captions. The captions are used to give added value to the post, if you put a CTA (call to action) or a question for the followers, they will most likely answer you, increasing the engagement of your post.

4) Using hastags correctly. I recommend that you choose your hashtags carefully and use those that are really related to the post you published. Always try to prefer quality over quantity, you don't need to put 30 if they are not related to your post. Try to put a few but well-defined ones.

5) A very good tool to keep in touch with your followers are stories. If used correctly, they can lead your followers to follow you constantly, taking an interest in you and what you talk about on your profile. You can create polls, ask questions, talk directly with your followers about the things that interest you most and try to understand what topics they would like to have covered on your profile.

7) After the success of TikTok, even Instagram has decided to launch its new feature: the Reels. Although it is a very similar product to what TikTok already offers, it represents another important channel for communication. The Reels are videos in multi-clip format lasting 15 seconds to which it is possible to add audio, text and visual effects in augmented reality, in a very similar way to the videos that can be made on the competing platform TikTok. With this function it is much easier to promote your page, as you can create nice and dynamic contents, which if done at best can be seen by a large number of people.

6) Don't buy followers. There are many platforms for the purchase of fake followers, but buying them will not help you, as they are not real people, so they will not have any interaction with your profile, and therefore the more content you publish the more your engagement rate and your visibility will. They will lower, because on your profile you will have inactive followers.

7) Try not to copy others. By now on Instagram you can find everything, and most likely an idea you have has already been realized by someone else. Get inspired but always put something of your own, create original content but have something of you. Nurture your talent with authentic ideas.

Now that I've revealed these little tricks, you should be able to better promote your page.

But remember that the fundamental things: time and consistency, and above all... have fun!

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