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One of the first things that new digital marketers always want to know is how to get free website traffic. As we all know, traffic is the life blood of any online business. Without it, your business is just about dead in the water so it's something we all need to concentrate on and a skill that's essential to master.

If you have a decent sized budget for your business then you can give it a fantastic kick-start by paying for traffic in the form of adverts on places like Facebook, Google and other websites in your niche. The key thing here of course is having the budget to run these sorts of adverts.

But most new entrepreneurs don't have that sort of budget and so finding the best low-cost or free solutions is going to be an important step in growing your business.

If you are keen to learn how to get free website traffic then you have come to the right place because in this article and in a few more I have planned for the coming week, I am going to talk about a wide range of free traffic sources.

So without any further ado, lets get started on the first of our free website traffic methods!

Sharing Your Content On Social Media

Social media is a fantastic resource for free traffic and you should set up accounts for your business on every social media outlet you can. The important thing is to grow your social media presence in a way that gives value to your followers.

Of course you should share all your new blog posts and don't forget to regularly share some of your older posts too. The important thing is to share value too and not just use your social media accounts as a place to keep dumping links on your followers and potential customers.

Share some relevant tips and advice for your followers so they come to see you as someone who has interesting things to say and they will be more likely to click on your links when you share them too.

Getting clicks on your links is the key and you can gradually build up a nice stream of regular traffic to your site this way.

Many people tell me that they are reluctant to mix business activities with their regular social media activities. This is perfectly fine - and I try to keep the two things separate myself.

On Twitter for example, I have my regular account that I keep for purely social activities around my interests and hobbies such as my favourite sports teams. I also have two other Twitter accounts that I use purely for business purposes - one for each of my websites.

I also very rarely share anything business related on my personal Facebook account. The best way to use Facebook for business purposes is to add a Facebook Page for your website or business.

This is separate from your regular Facebook profile and you can set it up to give you a business brand image, while at the same time keeping your personal stuff not directly linked to it.

Many new entrepreneurs are not keen to let friends and family know about their online entrepreneurial activity when they are starting out and this is a good way to manage it

You can post content which links to your website and any offers you want to promote. One thing worth noting is that having a Facebook page is a requirement if you plan to do any paid Facebook ads at any time in the future.

Most social media sites also allow you to place links in your profile so be sure to use this and place a link to your main website.

If people enjoy your content then they may well check out your "bio" and if they see a link where they can learn more about you then there is a good chance that they will click it.

Social Media Groups And Forums

As well as using social media to share your content on your business pages and profiles, there is also a great opportunity for you to network with other people in your niche by joining some of the groups that you can find.

Probably the best sites on which to find groups to join are Linkedin and Facebook. Many of the groups will require you to ask to join them but most of them are free to join.

When you have been admitted to the group be sure to take some time to get involved in the group by participating in discussions and sharing your own thoughts and ideas with the other members.

The absolute worst thing to do is to join a group and immediately start telling people all about your stuff and sharing links for people to go and check it out. You will be very quickly shunned by the group members and regarded as a spamming pariah. This will effectively do you more harm than good.

Instead, make it your business to offer lots of value to the group first of all and once you become accepted by members, and hopefully regarded as someone of knowledge, then you can start to share links to some of your blog posts for example, with an invitation to "check this out just to learn a bit more."

Getting people to visit your site and learn a bit more about what you do is a great way to introduce them to your brand and hopefully get them to subscribe to your email list or even click on some of your other links on your site.

Online forums can be used in a similar way but I will talk about them much more in another post in this series.

Content Sharing Sites

Sharing your content on sites with high levels of traffic can be a great way to siphon off some of that traffic and get it coming back to your own site.

One of the best ways to share your content is to write articles and share them to article directories such as Many years ago this was viewed as one of the major ways to get traffics and back links to your site (which was important for SEO) but the golden days of article directories are probably over now.

Nevertheless they still get decent volumes of traffic and by having your articles on these sites there is a good chance that if people like your articles, they will click on the link in your bio to find out more about you.

If website owners take your article and share to on their own sites - along with the author's bio which they are obliged to include - then you could also get a good flow of traffic passively coming from the site that your article is published on.

Another good way to share content is to take great quality photos and share them on sites like Flickr or Pixabay. If you grant free usage rights to people then there is a good chance that they will visit your site themselves or attribute your photo to you if they use it on their own sites.

Again this can lead to a nice slow but steady stream of passive free traffic to your site.

How To Get Free Website Traffic

This is just the first of a series of articles we have lined up on free traffic methods so be sure to check back soon for more

Good luck with traffic strategies!

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