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Website dedicated to joys of Denver motherhood

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Denver has a website dedicated to all things motherhood. What great news for the thousands of mothers pouring into the Front Range every month from other locales.

One of the reasons Denver is one of the fastest growing places in the country is because of its emphasis on family. So, it should come as no surprise that Denver supports a website dedicated entirely to motherhood.

“Mile High Mamas” ( is the brainchild of Amber Borowski Johnson, who has worked in several aspects of the news media. She founded the motherhood news and information site and serves as its editor.

Mile High Mamas is chock full of great information for mothers of babies of all ages and abilities. There are sections on events for special needs children in Denver, for example.

Restaurant reviews, parenting advice and more

The site features product offers, restaurant reviews, parenting advice and other information moms need to know. It has won several awards.

“Mile High Mamas was the Community Blogger winner of the 2013 DFMie award in recognition of journalistic excellence from The Denver Post’s parent company, Digital First Media,” Mile High Mamas boasts. “We were a finalist in the National Newspaper Association’s Digital Edge Awards (“The Edgies”) and received an Honorable Mention for Web Site Excellence from the Society of Professional Journalists.”

Moms of all backgrounds contribute to site

The site’s regular bloggers represent a cross section of motherhood. Blog submissions are encouraged.

The regular bloggers include:

Amber Borowski Johnson. “Mile High Mamas is the brainchild of Amber, a former adventure-travel writer turned adventurous unraveling mother of two children,” the site explains. “She attests the former birth was considerably less painful than the latter two, epidurals notwithstanding.”

Johnson hails from Canada but spent several years working as a publicist for Utah’s ski industry. She also worked as a radio personality and travel writer. “She relinquished her wanderlust life to marry the real love of her life sixteen years ago,” the site explains.

She and her husband Jamie have two children, Hadley (age 15) and Bode (age 13). “Amber’s self-deprecating humor is her coping mechanism for the daily joys and mayhem of motherhood and is what has kept her sane,” the site describes her. “Well, most of the time. She consoles herself that all other lapses make for stellar blog fodder. And the fact she is married to a man who is obsessed with growing The Great Pumpkin.”

Gretchen White. Gretchen grew up in Denver for part of her childhood, before her father got transferred to Grand Junction for work. “She thought the center of the universe was the big fountain at Cinderella City and that Mayor McNichols and Mayor McCheese were brothers,” the site quips about White.

“Quite rudely she was taken from Denver to the remote desert and peach-dotted landscape of Grand Junction,” the site explains. “It was a good thing, ultimately …. She realized if she couldn’t be entertained by the offerings of a big city, she’d have to entertain herself.”

Having nine kids is one way to do it. “Life with nine kids is never quiet, so she began blogging in 2004 as a way to record and reflect on the whirlwind,” Mile High Mamas reports.

Gretchen Yetzbacher. Gretchen is the Daily Deal editor. “Gretchen is always busy and loves to be “on the go,” the website states. “Deals are an important part of making sure that she can do so much. Her son and daughter also enjoy the benefits of all the deals the Gretchen finds.”

Gretchen, a single woman, loves to be outdoors “or just playing a friendly game of whiffle ball with her son – he somehow usually wins,” according to the website. “She is addicted to coupons and finding the best deals or entering sweepstakes.”

Julie Bielenberg. Bielenberg is a mother of three and a prolific travel writer. “She is the State’s number one Agri-tourism writer, covering more ground and events and publishing in more outlets than any other Coloradan journalist,” Mile High Mamas boasts. “Julie travels in search of fields, farms, families and more. Sometimes … she finds herself in often uncovered, or understated locales, which has since become her niche.”

Motherhood niche large in family-friendly Denver

Mile High Mamas has found a niche, too. No doubt the website is more helpful than ever as Denver experiences such rapid growth. The site makes it easier for mothers to get up to speed on everything Denver has to offer their families. That makes for happier parents and happier children.


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