(VIDEO) Your Friends Aren't As Rich As You Think

What if I told you that it's almost a guaranteed fact that many of your friends aren't as rich as you think? With social media today, it's very hard not to compare ourselves and our finances with others and wonder how it seems like everything is getting ahead but you. In this video, I review the state of the average American's finances and debt. From credit card debt to mortgages to car loans, I show you how people might be keeping up appearances but sacrificing their financial health and damaging their net worth with financial decisions that poor people do but rich people don't. I also explore the habits of millionaires and other people who are successful with their money and compare them to the habits of the average American. You might be surprised to find out that there's a very good chance that instead of living the good life, some of your friends could be digging themselves into a deep hole of debt.

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